Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Modest Clothing and You

Hey Neighbors!

Modest clothing is a big topic in our house.  Having 4 girls we often discuss our clothing, and one of our concerns is to always dress modestly, while being comfortable.  Now that my boys have reached 16 and 18, I notice even more when someone is not dressed modestly.  How about you?  Is this something important in your home?  Anyway, here are a few tips we personally use for deciding if something is modest enough.  Perhaps you can use these ideas, or modify them for your home.

A friend of ours uses the term, loose, layered and long, when describing modest clothing.  We always look for clothing that does not cling.  So when we purchase a dress, skirt or jumper we go for long and flowing.  My personal preference is jumpers, while my daughters prefer skirts.  Of course denim is our favorite fabric for casual wear.

For tops we like them to come to our collarbone and cover our stomachs.  If we find a sweater or blouse that does not make it to the collarbone, we generally grab a nice t-shirt or camisole to wear underneath.  I love layering a loose sweater over a coordinating top.  The girls also have dickeys they will wear.  My youngest for some reason really likes these.  We have also put small snaps inside a collar and attached a piece of lace.  So feminine!

When trying on a skirt, dress or jumper we try standing, walking, and bending just to make sure it is not revealing.  It is amazing what seemed to look nice and when you start walking or bending, you realize it is not exactly what you want.  There is one nice thing in our family.  My daughters can trade out alot of their outfits, and they get passed down. We personally wear most of our skirts ankle length. My youngest daughter likes to wear petticoats where the lace just barely show under the skirt.  Another one of our favorites is womens sweaters.

So there we have it.  Long, loose and layered.  What tips do you have for modest clothing?  Please share, as I love to hear different ideas.

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Ms R said...

Funny enough my last blog post was about protesting the clothing girls are wearing these days! I am so with you in this one!