Friday, March 23, 2012

Looking For Modest Clothing? Kosher Casual!

Hi Neighbors!

I am so loving spring!  We really didn't have a bad winter, but spring is simply gorgeous this year!  We already have flowers blooming and birds visiting our feeders! (As you can tell by some recent pictures!)  Anyway, we have been spending quite a bit of this month on fashion, and I just have to share Kosher Casual with you!  While researching their site I found several denim skirts that I would LOVE to own.  And their prices are great too!. Most of their denim skirts are right around $30.  Of course denim skirts are not all that they carry.  They also have other skirts along with shirts, tops for layering (another favorite of mine), and of course they carry clothing for men, children and babies.
Front view.
Back view.

 Kosher Casual is best in Israel.  Surprised!  My children were when the package arrived.  Especially the piece of gum that was included.  One comment was, "I didn't know they had that type of gum in Israel!"   I had to laugh.  Below is a little information on Kosher Casual and how they were started.

The gum that made them laugh!

Bazooka Joe!
Kosher Casual:
"Kosher Casual is owned and managed by Israel Marketing LLC and Gary Swickley, an American immigrant to Israel with a Harvard MBA. Gary has been working for over 15 years with manufacturers in Israel producing garments for export. He also owns and manages Blue and White Kids, a company that manufactures clothing made in Israel for schools, camps, and youth groups in U.S., Canada, and Israel. ( He also developed and owned the popular clothing retail chain "The Machsan" in Israel.

 Kosher Casual is a manufacturer of its own line of modest clothing. We follow fashion trends in both the modest fashion and general clothing industry and reinterpret the styles to the modest clothing marketplace. Not just frum clothing or tznius clothing, but modernly, modest clothing. We add an inch or two here to the skirt length or the top opening. Our styles parallel the trendy fashion houses including pencil skirts and tiered skirts. We sell primarily casual modest clothing for everyday wear for both girls, teens, and women. We also supply many schools that have modest clothing school dress codes."

Although Kosher Casual is based in Israel they do not just design for the Jewish clothing market.  Their clothing is appropriate for all women who wish to dress modestly.  Modesty, comfort, and style all in one.
Kosher Casual
We received the Long Denim Skirt Tiered for Women.  It is a long denim skirt, all the way to the ankles.  It is a full A-line skirt, with Lycra added for flexibility and comfort.  At the back of the skirt, the waistband is elasticized and includes a small zipper for a comfortable fit. The denim is sturdy and should hold up well.  Perfect for your everyday needs, yet pretty enough that you could pair it with a dressier top for a special occasion.  I personally love the tiered look, and how crisp and sharp the white thread looks against the blue denim.  This skirt will definitely be a favorite in our home!

Zipper in back.

She loves it!
I would love for all me neighbors here At the Fence to visit Kosher Casual, take a look around and tell me what you think.  And, Kosher Casual will be giving a $25 GC to the winner of this giveaway.  So be sure to enter!

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I love the yoga pants at

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I like their Panel Skirt with Roll-Over Waist in the Clearance Section.

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

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I like the Long Black Skirt but I also like the modesty pieces.


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Straight Skirt

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Denim Skirt Tiered Girls

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I love the Long Panel Skirt!

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I like this skirt:
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