Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Legoland Florida!

Hey neighbors!

Have any of you ever been to Legoland in Florida?  We just went, and boy did they have fun!  I pretty much was the photographer all day long.  So be ready for alot of pictures in this post!  My husband, my daughter H (25) and M (11) were my guinea pigs.  First stop was the carousel.  Dad and M rode this while H and I watched.  Pretty neat actually.  They look like the Lego horses.

On our way in!

She wanted to pose with this one!
Created with Legos!

We skipped the real little children's area, and continued on to the next section of the park.  I did take some pictures though.  The Jousting Ride was pretty neat.  And of course all through the park are figures and buildings made of Legos.  There is also a barn for younger children.  Wait till you hear about the Mini section of the park!
Her big sister went on the ride with her.

We all thought this was funny!

The Forestmen's Hideout is where there were ropes, slides and swinging bridges for your child to expend some energy.  Although by the end of the day, we were ready to drop.

Having fun!

She is so coordinated.

Can you find both of us?

On to the next area!

Ready for adventure!

This was M's first Roller Coaster.  She had a great time!  This one she only rode once, but the others...well, let's just say she rode one of them about 10 times!

3rd seat back!

The Boat ride below was fun to watch.  M steered the boat.  Needless to say, several people, including adults, were having trouble making the corners.  And of course the piRATS were trying to get everyone wet.

She was allowed to steer this one.
A bunch of piRATs!
Oh no! A shark ate M! He spit her back out though!

All out of Legos! 
This was her favorite roller coaster.  She road this one at least 10 times.  I am glad her sister came to ride with her.

They are in the second set of seats.


They have this little track where after learning a few driving rules the children are turned loose to drive on their own.  There are stop signs, stop lights, and circles.At the end they are given a Legoland Driver's License.

She earned her license!

Another display of Legos.

This was the last roller coaster they rode.

She had so much fun!

Children can go in here and create with Legos.

They loved the water ride and it helped them to cool off some.  Our only complaint.  The wait for this ride was over 1 hour!
This was a great ride on a hot day!

She loves Southern Belles!

Aren't they cute!

Miniland was amazing.  It took over 100 Master Model Builders 2 years to build Miniland.  There are over 30 million Legos used in Miniland.  Amazing!  Below are just a few of the buildings in Miniland at Legoland.

Below they took a ride where you can view all sorts of animals, made guessed it..Legos!

The elephant sprays water!

Her skirt kept flying up on this ride!

Here is a pizza chef.

Leaving the park.  Happy, tired and sunburned!

This was a really fun day!  Although being a native Floridian you would think I would have remembered sunscreen!  3 of us burned, and I was the worst.  Legoland tickets are approx. $75 each for adults, but be sure to check the internet for deals.  We found one where if you purchase an adult ticket the child's is free.
  A fun time was had by all!  If you are headed to Florida anywhere near Winter Haven, be sure to arrange time to visit Legoland.  They are open 5 days a week.  They are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

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Nancy said...

Glad you had a great time! They call the rides there "pink knuckle" instead of "white knuckle" because they are not too scary! The models made from Lego blocks are amazing!

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