Friday, March 2, 2012

Contigo Addison Water Bottle with Autospout Technology!

Hey neighbors!

The trip to Florida was great!  I have a couple more posts, and then we will start our Fun Fashion Fair.  As you know it was quite warm in Florida, even though it is supposed to be winter!  So of course we needed to have plenty of liquid available.  I personally drink alot of flavored water, so I just poured it into my Contigo Addison Water Bottle with the autospout and I was ready to go.  I did add ice!  It holds 24 oz. so I was able to use it throughout the day without having to constantly refill the bottle.  It has a loop where you can attache a carabiner.   The really neat feature though is the autospout.  Just push the button on the front and your spout pops out!
Springs in the State park we camped at!  It was hot here!
Spout on top.  Just press the white button.

From Contigo"
"Heat pushes the human body beyond its limits, slowing down evaporation and forcing the body to work extra hard to maintain its normal temperature. It’s crucial for those exposed to the high temperatures and humidity of a heat wave to make hydration a priority. A filled water bottle by one’s side is a great reminder to continually drink water. It’s also important to drink water even when you’re not thirsty, since a “thirsty” feeling is the body’s first signal that it is already dehydrated."
See the measurements!

The bottle is designed for one-handed use.  After you are done drinking, be sure to close the spout.  It has a protective cover when the spout is closed.  Talk about convenience when walking, hiking, biking or just throughout your day.  It would even be great at work to encourage you to drink more water.  This Contigo bottle is BPA free.  It is made of Tritan which is high impact resistant.  Also it won't stain or retain odors.  The water bottle is top rack dishwasher safe.  The top has a wide opening for ice cubes, and I love that it has volume markings, so you can keep track of how much water you are drinking.

You can purchase them for $12.99 on the website, and they are available in several colors.  Check them out on Facebook and Twitter!  One neighbor will receive one Contigo Addison Water Bottle with Autospout.

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rubynreba said...

I go to a lot of my grandkids ball games and this would be perfect to take water along in.

DEBIJOT said...

I would use it on our long car trips

Darlene said...

I would use this to take fluids to work, I take water and Juice with me every day.

ShellyH said...

We are avid hikers so I would use it for water when hiking. We also travel a lot and would use it for when traveling as it looks like it would fit into our cup/bottle holders nicely

ravish30 at aol dot com

Rusthawk said...

Hiking trips and traveling.

Danielle S said...

I would use it for when we go on trips
Danielle S

carey p said...

i work out 6 days a week, so would use it for that

latanya t said...

for workouts