Thursday, March 8, 2012

Companies That Use Internet Marketing Usually Get My Business

Hey Neighbors!

When you are looking for a product or service, where do you check first?  Do you pull out a phone book?  Call a friend?  Or do you get on your computer?  A company that uses internet marketing usually gets my business, mainly because my first place to look is the internet.  When we needed a tree cut down, I searched the internet.  Plumbing problems, back to Google.  Looking for the best price on a washer and dryer, the internet was my best friend!  I wanted to find the company that had the best price, best discounts, and the best warranty.  Rather than spend endless time dealing with salesmen on the phone, not to mention how hard it is to reach a live person, I would rather research online.

So, if a company doesn't do online marketing they are unlikely to get my business.  In this day of portable electronics, even when we are out I am likely going to pick up my iPod or iPad and find the business I need.  It just seems reasonable that a company today would use internet marketing to reach their consumers and to reach more of them!  Most people today have at least one computer or handheld electronic with internet capabilities.  I don't even use a phone book anymore.  When we are in a hotel we pull up our laptop.  My husband is always asking the children to find the nearest Mexican restaurant and check their specials.

And I always look for the very best deals before purchasing electronics.  I searched and searched to find the very best deal on my new camera before I made a purchase.  And not so surprising, I found the deal online!  When I went to the actual store, they honor their online prices, and I received a great bundle deal on my camera.  And I LOVE it!  So, yes, I am a big fan of internet marketing, and recommend that all businesses, big or small take advantage of what the internet has to offer.

Do my neighbors here At the Fence search online before purchasing?  Do you look for bargains and sales online first?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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