Thursday, March 8, 2012

Barefoot Executive

Hey Neighbors,

Here is a really neat book, for those who are tired of the rat race, and want something better for their family.  Want to rearrange your life and work from home?  Then The Barefoot Executive has just the information that you need.  Written by Carrie Wilkerson, host of Barefoot Executive, TV, this book gives you information on the whys, hows, wheres and timing of becoming your own boss and achieving financial freedom.

This book will walk you through the steps of becoming financially secure in an today's economy.  Each chapter focuses on a different area of starting your own business, so you can step right in where you need to.  Not sure where to start?  Begin with the first chapter.  Already have a business idea or have you already started a business?  Find the chapter that will help you where you are at.  No matter what though, eventually take time to read the whole book.

The Barefoot Executive is broken down into sections as well as chapters.  Part One, The Myth Breakers will help get you started and explain away myths regarding owning your own business.  Part Two, The Three Big Mistakes, guessed it, the three major mistakes people make when choosing and starting their own business.  Part Three, The Methods, gives you a variety of information on finding your niche, research, having a mentor and many other helpful hints.  Part Four, The Models, shows you different types of  businesses, from service to knowledge to goods, and a few others.  It also has example from other people who started out on their own.  Even if you do not choose the route they chose the information in each account could still be helpful.  Last of all is The Marketplace.  This entire section is devoted to finding your customers and how they will find you. Also included is how to build your audience.

Carrie Wilkerson is no arm chair executive, sitting on the sidelines writing about something she has just done research on.  No, she is an arm chair executive literally, in that she has experienced and accomplished what this book is about.

Another great benefit to The Barefoot Executive is that each chapter comes with online video supplements and other resources.  There are coaching questions and exercises to stimulate your brain to create your own ideas to work towards financial freedom.Here are a couple of the questions, just to give you an idea;
1. What are your interests?
2. What are you chatting about?
3. What are you trained for?
Each of these questions will help you decide which route to choose.  Does the book guarantee success?  No, but it sure will set you out on the right path.

Disclosure:I received a copy of Barefoot Executive from Living Your Moment for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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