Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An adorable and useful apron

Guest post written by Mary White
I've been collecting cute kitchen utensils for years now. I haven't' always used all of them. For years I much rather preferred to just look at all of them and admire them than actually use them. But I've actually been getting my hands dirty in the kitchen this year and haven't looked back. But I've been looking down a lot at all the flour and ingredients that I've spilled all over myself.
So it's time to finally invest in an apron and I was looking through some possible purchases for them when I saw the After I looked through it a little bit I decided to get some more info on it and possible use it to help with my debt issues.
I saw this cute ruffled apron online that I instantly fell in love with. Just because it's protecting my clothes doesn't mean that it can't be attractive itself! From my cute kitchen stuff, you can tell that I'm not against something cute that also performs a necessary function too. Actually, I love those things even more!

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