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Gourmet Gift Baskets Has Baked Goods!

Hello Neighbors! How are you all?  We went to the park this morning and played Kickball!  It was alot of fun.  We brought a couple of snacks and drinks.  One thing we brought was some Brownie from Gourmet Gift Baskets.  I have worked with them many times but I never realized they had Baked Goods.  Gourmet Gift Baskets sent me a sample of their Brownies Sampler Bakery Gift (1 of each flavor). There are six flavors. White Chocolate Macadamia Blondie Belgian Chocolate  Chunk Brownie Cheesecake Brownie Butterscotch Blondie Peanut Butter Brownie Fudge Walnut Brownie I opened a piece of Peanut Butter Brownie and cut it into smaller pieces (these are big!) and let everyone take a piece.  They were all oohing and ahhing over it right away.  It was really good!  Peanut Butter and Chocolate is a favorite in our family so we really enjoyed this one. Another thing we like is Chocolate and Nuts.  That is why I grabbed the Fudge Walnut right away.  That was my personal favori

IScentU Mini Lamp

Hi Neighbors! I received a really neat item for review recently.  I have to tell you ahead of time though that I like it just as much for how beautiful it is as I do how well it works.  This mini lamp from buy IScentU is simply gorgeous.  I love how dainty and feminine it looks, but not only is it pretty, it is useful.  This little bottle is a fragrance lamp.  Now, with three dogs, one cat and 6 children, I often have odors in my home that I need to deal with. (Like wet dog, a litterbox that is due for a cleaning, dirty socks, etc.)  So, I tried the IScentU Lamp and Fragrance.  Apple Splash is the scent I received.  It smells wonderful.  Light and crisp. So, Here is how this little lamp works.  You fill it approx. 1/2 to 2/3 full of the Scentier Lampe Parfum (This is the fancy name for the fragrance oil.).  The lamp came with a little funnel to make filling easier.  Also it is recommended that you put a plate or saucer under the lamp while filling the lamp as spills could

Do You Walk Your Dog At Night? Illumidog!

Hi Neighbors! Do you have a dog, that you like to walk at dusk or after dark?  You might want to check out the IllumiDog website.  They have many products to help your dog be seen at night.  Here is how they got started: "We have Buddy to thank for illumidog. He was a jet-black spunky pit-mix that we fostered from Lane County Animal Shelter (LCAS). We both had full time jobs and couldn’t find the time to walk Buddy during the day, so most days we would take Buddy out for a stroll after dark. Neither of us felt too safe ourselves, or for the dark black pooch in our care during those walks. We googled and searched local stores for reflective collars to make our trips a little safer, but each collar we found left a lot to be desired, as none of them were very bright. That is when we discovered SOLAS reflective tape, which looked like glowing liquid silver when we tested it with our headlights. Since we made our first collar, Buddy found his forever home, we found t

Tropicana Pure Premium Brings Back Memories!

Hello Neighbors! Tropicana Pure Premium 100% Florida Orange Juice sure brings back memories.  I was born in Florida, and although we moved around quite a bit, my family always returned there.  So, I grew up around Florida orange groves.  I can remember as a family going on the weekend to the local orange grove and spending hours picking oranges.  Other than babysitting, it was probably my first paying job.  One day while out picking we had an exciting experience.  We usually stayed together around one tree as a family and then moved on to the next tree.  We usually picked the lower oranges and then someone came after us with ladders and did the ones higher up.  On this day just minutes after moving on to another tree, we heard the pickers behind us give a shout.  One of them raced to his truck and grabbed a shovel.  We went back to see what was happening and they had just killed a rattlesnake.  Right near where we had been picking.  It didn't scare us enough to leave, but I s

PhotoPad is Fun!

Hey Neighbors! Do any of you like to design with photos and then share them with your friends?  There is this really neat App on Facebook called PhotoPad where you can change your Facebook photo albums into a scrapbook.  It features, different backgrounds, picture layouts, text, shapes, and stickers.  You can design and redesign until you get exactly what you want, and then you can share with your friends on Facebook.  Have any of you tried this app? It is really quite simple to use, so I was pretty excited to get to try this out, especially since I have been using my new camera and sharing the pictures on Facebook!  This makes them look even better when you share them! You can see one of my designs above!  We had so much fun that day!  If you would like to try your hand at designing on PhotoPad just visit the link:  Hopefully my neighbors will enjoy PhotoPad as much as I did.  I do hope they add some more features.  I would love to see more

Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler

Greetings Neighbors! So good to see you out At the Fence today.  We have beautiful weather here today, and as a matter of fact the family is heading out for volleyball soon.  I have this really great product from Rubbermaid to share here with my neighbors!  It is a Hidden Recycler .  (Suggested retail $15.99).  I LOVE IT!  We recycle here.  My youngest daughters get to collect the bottles and cans for recycling, and they get to keep the money.  The only problem is, I get tired of bottles and cans sitting around the kitchen waiting to make their way out back to the shed where they store them until we turn them in.  In comes Rubbermaid to the rescue.  Did I say I love this product? The Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler attaches easily to your cabinet door with hooks (included) or screws, neatly hiding your recyclables. Yeah!  And the girls like like it because it is so easy to use.  There is a convenient handle, so when you fill the 5 gallon bag, that will hold up to 36, yes I said 36

An adorable and useful apron

Guest post written by Mary White I've been collecting cute kitchen utensils for years now. I haven't' always used all of them. For years I much rather preferred to just look at all of them and admire them than actually use them. But I've actually been getting my hands dirty in the kitchen this year and haven't looked back. But I've been looking down a lot at all the flour and ingredients that I've spilled all over myself. So it's time to finally invest in an apron and I was looking through some possible purchases for them when I saw the website . After I looked through it a little bit I decided to get some more info on it and possible use it to help with my debt issues. I saw this  cute ruffled apron  online that I instantly fell in love with. Just because it's protecting my clothes doesn't mean that it can't be attractive itself! From my cute kitchen stuff, you can tell that I'm not against somethi

Good News Neighbors! Children's Claritin Mom Crew!

Hi Neighbors! With spring here allergies are beginning to kick in.  My son and 2 of my daughters each suffer from seasonal allergies.  So do I!  3 of us are allergic to dust and mold, and I personally react to pine.  Then of course there are perfumes and such.  Since we suffer from allergies I am happy to tell you that I have been accepted to the Children's Claritin Mom Crew!  What does that mean to my neighbors here At the Fence?   Well, it means that I will be able to give you updates, hints and tips, and sometimes product received directly from Children's Claritin.  Not to mention all the other Mom Crew Members! We already use Claritin, so this will be great actually working with them and the rest of the Claritin Mom Crew.  So keep on the lookout for updates on Claritin and  ways to help beat your children's allergies. As a matter of fact, let's start with some tips from the "Free to Play" March Newsletter: Spring Allergy Tips

Vet Depot and K9 Advantix II

Hi Neighbors! It is that time of year again.  Springtime means the return of pests.  Including the pests that bother your dog, like ticks, fleas, mosquitos, biting flies and lice.  So I am really excited to find that I can purchase K9 Advantix II through Vet Depot , right online!  We have never yet had a problem with fleas and ticks, and I don't want to! This is our youngest. Vet Depot brings discount pet supplies directly to your door.  Talk about convenience.  The K9 Advantix II is available for all size dogs, but the ones we received are for dogs 11-20 lbs. and it is a 4 pack.  The price is $48.67.  It is a topical prevention and treatment for the pests that most bother your dog. The K9 Advantix II is easy to use.  Just open the foil package and remove applicator and tip.  Hold applicator tube and remove cap and follow directions to break seal.  Apply evenly in two to three spots on the dog's back, between the shoulder and tail.  Be sure to part the fur to

Kids Exclusive Shopping Experience

Hello Neighbors! I received a $25 GC to Kids Exclusive !  They have some of the cutest clothes for children! I went in and registered with them and then started browsing.  Not only do they have regular priced items, they always seem to have sales going on.  My daughter was with me and helped me to pick out several dresses she liked.  Then we had to narrow it down to just one.  She chose the Vibrant Red Dress.  It was $19 and the extra covered our shipping.  After placing the order I received a confirmation email. We were on the road in Florida at that time, so imagine my surprise to discover another email stating that they could not find the dress in the correct size.  They offered a refund, and a coupon for a percentage off on my next purchase.  Before I could respond, I received another email from Kids Exclusive letting me know that they did have the dress and could ship it if I still wanted it.  I emailed and let them know we would still like the dress.  I ordered a size 14

Char Crust Dry Rub Seasoning and Grilling!

Oh Neighbors! I just have to tell you about Char Crust Dry Rub Seasonings!  They are super!  We decided to grill some steaks over the weekend and wasn't it just great that I had just received Char Crust Dry Rub Seasonings.  We tried 2 different ones today.  We tried the All American Barbecue and the Roasted Garlic Peppercorn.  We LOVED them! The packages will do several pieces of meat.  You simply rub the seasonings into the entire surface of the steak.  The seasonings seal in the juices and taste!  Delicious!  Char Crust is a simple way to add flavor to your meal, whether it is beef, poultry, fish or pork.  I am looking forward to trying it on chicken next.  After applying the seasoning you can bake, broil, pan sear, roast, saute, or grill your meat.    Roasted Garlic Peppercorn features the robust flavor of roasted garlic and onions with the zing of peppercorns and a hint of Worcestershire and lavender. Its versatility has made it a best seller. It

No Cost Blogger Event

Hey Neighbors! Any of you bloggers out there interested in boosting your Facebook followers?  How about helping out by posting this event on your blog and you will get a free Facebook link!  FREE!  All you have to do is do a post about the Rainy Day Facebook Frenzy with a link to this page: Sign up ">HERE!  and then complete the form.  You will receive a reminder to post the giveaway, around 4/2  to go live on 4/4 then sit back and relax.  The $100 is being provided by Cute Ecakes, and all you have to do is help out in announcing the giveaway!  So hop to it.

Looking For Modest Clothing? Kosher Casual!

Hi Neighbors! I am so loving spring!  We really didn't have a bad winter, but spring is simply gorgeous this year!  We already have flowers blooming and birds visiting our feeders! (As you can tell by some recent pictures!)  Anyway, we have been spending quite a bit of this month on fashion, and I just have to share Kosher Casual with you!  While researching their site I found several denim skirts that I would LOVE to own.  And their prices are great too!. Most of their denim skirts are right around $30.  Of course denim skirts are not all that they carry.  They also have other skirts along with shirts, tops for layering (another favorite of mine), and of course they carry clothing for men, children and babies. Front view. Back view.  Kosher Casual is best in Israel.  Surprised!  My children were when the package arrived.  Especially the piece of gum that was included.  One comment was, "I didn't know they had that type of gum in Israel!"   I had to laugh