Friday, February 17, 2012

Zylie Went Camping!

Hello Neighbors!

It was really hot today.   Zylie was so glad to get in the air at the hotel!  We pulled into a campground, Wekiwa Springs on the 15th and set up our tents.  One tent for Dad, Mom, and my brothers and one tent for my three sisters and Zylie!  It was hot but it wasn't to bad.The no seeums were bad though.  Some of us looked like we were contagious.  If you have never been bit by them before, they leave a little red dot, that is usually gone the next day.

On the sixteenth we ran out for some groceries and then came back and some of the girls took a hike.  We really enjoyed that!  I think we walked a mile or two.  We visited the springs in the park.

Thursday night we we cooked burgers over a campfire!  They were soooo good!  We were all sitting around waiting for the burgers to finish cooking just talking and enjoying ourselves.  My Dad was the cook!  It was much cooler the second night. We actually got under the covers!

This morning when we were getting ready to leave Zylie had alot of fun helping us pack everything back up.  We had a race to see who could take down and pack their tent up the fastest.  The boys or the girls!  Guess who won?  The girls won!  YAY!!  Zylie was very excited. We had hotdogs for lunch and then finished packing up and left!  We get to camp again next week.  We can't wait!

As an extra entry in the Zylie or Shen giveaway visit the Zylie website and then leave a comment on the original post, telling me one of the countries Zylie has been to. Keep an eye out for more Zylie updates!

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doreen lamoureux said...

That looks like fun. Am looking forward to recieving my Zylie.