Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Zylie Trip Update! New Way to Enter!

Hey neighbors!

Well we are on our journey.  M and Zylie are having a great time traveling and seeing the sites.  I am having fun too, other than our vehicle was broken into.  We parked it in a paid parking lot, and when my sons went back the driver's door was open just a little bit.  They figured it hadn't closed right, put things in and re-locked the vehicle and left.  When we finally left that evening they told us about finding the door slightly open, and we just figured maybe it hadn't closed.  Well, we got up and prepared to leave the next morning and my one son noticed that the lock on our door was punched out.  Apparently, whoever tried breaking in only got that far because nothing was taken.  The stereo was still in place, all our CDs were there, even the Garmin.  Why didn't we notice it the night before?  Because we have one of those clickers that locks and unlocks the doors.  We don't even use the key-lock.  But it gets even better, after using the door a couple of times, it no longer opens period.  So, now my husband has to climb in over my seat and the center console.  Yeah!  We are planning on having it repaired by the end of the week, when we get to our destination.

Ready to Travel!

Sleeping in the vehicle!

Traveling together!
Anyway, back to Zylie.  We stayed in a really nice campground a few nights, in Trafalgar IN.  They loved sleeping in the bunkbeds.  We were also able to get a picture of some miniature horses that are down the road.  Today we went through Louisville KY and stopped at one of our favorite stores, Half Price Books!  They are so much fun!  M and Zylie picked up some new books to read on the trip.  We also managed to get some pictures of crossing the bridge.  M is going to go swimming at the hotel, but I am afraid Zylie will just have to watch.  She just takes too long to get dry!

Here is the new entry!  I am adding this to the Rafflecopter of the original post so be sure to go back and get an extra entry!  Leave a comment on the original post (http://www.atthefenceonline.com/2012/01/zylie-goes-to-florida.html) naming one of the states we have been in so far.

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