Saturday, February 25, 2012

Zylie the Bear Camping Part 2

Well Neighbors,

We just had a great time camping at Wekiwa Springs State Park in Florida.  We had 2 tents.  A girl's tent (including Zylie) and a tent for mom, dad and the two boys.  The first night was extremely warm.  Yes, I know it is supposed to be winter down here, but I had a hard time sleeping it was so warm.  The second night it cooled off quite a bit.  All of us, including Zylie had a good night's sleep.  We stayed the next 3 nights in a hotel near a church where my husband was preaching, but then we returned to Wekiwa.  This is one of our favorite Florida parks to camp in.  A few years ago, we had a night time visitor, possibly one of Zylie's relatives.  He stole our entire container of dog food.  I mean container and all.  The next night he climbed into the back of a neighboring camper's pickup and tried to drag their cooler out.  The next morning they showed us the claw and teeth marks in the cooler.  So, he probably wasn't one of Zylie's relatives, because her relatives would not have been so impolite as to try to take food without permission.

Wekiwa Springs has several trails to hike and then you can visit the springs.  They are gorgeous!  The girls all hiked to the springs one day, and then they hiked another day and had lunch by the springs.  The boys hiked up by themselves another day, and the ranger allowed them to hold a baby gator.  See the pictures.  We saw several squirrels, birds, a couple of deer and several wild turkeys.  While taking trash to the dumpster they also ran into a snake.  Nothing harmless, but interesting nonetheless. 

There is a squirrel in there!
Finally on Wednesday evening we went out for several hours and it poured.  Thunder and lightning was included.  We returned to find one tent had leaked.  Not bad, but several things were damp.  We managed to arrange things and get some sleep.  I have to admit, other than the first night we had excellent sleeping temperatures.  Zylie agrees! 

A tiny feathered friend.

The park ranger was watching this one.

This is the baby gator.

On a hike.

This bee wanted their Sunkist. Zylie assured us it is not a honey bee!

Cooling her feet off.
On a personal note, I was eaten by mosquitoes. I mean bad.  Zylie? None at all!  I think it is all the fur! My family could not believe how many bites I had on my arms.  And on top of that I received a sunburn at Legoland.  Yes, I know that being a native born Floridian I should have been more careful, but I wasn't.  So now I am paying the price.  Here is the very last extra entry for Zylie.  Tweet, post on Facebook, do a post of your own directing people to the Zylie giveaway.  For each one you do, you will receive and extra entry. Make sure you enter through Rafflecopter on the original post. Have another way to share the news, let me know and I will add it to Rafflecopter on the original post.

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