Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Prepping For Summertime

Many people prefer to spend the long days and remarkably warm nights of summer outdoors.  So as the
days are getting longer and the cold is ebbing away, that means it is time to think about the summer months and how you want to spend them. Whether you are gathering up the camping gear to head to the mountains, or heading to the cool shores for a breath of fresh open air, you’ll want to be prepared.  You’ll need plenty more than sunscreen, after all, to get through the camping in the summer in most parts of the country. 
Camping gear is a world of gadgets and cool items that you may get lost in. There is a lot to consider but only a few simple items that I think you should have on hand or in your car at all times. Sleeping bags and tents are great for those who like to rough it in the woods and leave the luxuries of everyday life behind. However, if you’re bringing along some friends who may be a bit fussy about camping without at least a few essentials, you may have to make some accommodations.  Under those sleeping bags should go some sleeping mats, which can help to keep you from sleeping with a rock sticking into your spine all night. The thick, self-inflating kind is best for those with sore or overly stressed backs. Battery-powered cooking gear and radio equipment can also be useful in these instances, particularly if it satisfies those less accustomed to camping and helps them adjust. 
If you’re heading to the beach instead of the mountains, you can still bring the tent for camping, but you won’t need as many blankets.  A bonfire on the beach during a summer night can be an incredible experience, so be sure to check on local regulations for starting controlled fires and what permits you may need to obtain.  Beach camping can be tourist-crazy in some parts as well, so while you may need to rely less on bringing so many supplies (stores are commonplace near the beach), you’ll need to focus on logistical and spatial concerns.  Hopefully, the crashing of waves and the better temperature regulation near ocean water makes dealing with a larger number of tourists less of a hassle.  And bring tent tarps just in case it rains!
Having the right summer camping gear, and the right state of mind, can make summertime camping a breeze, on the mountains or beside the sea.

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