Monday, February 13, 2012

Lulu Calendars, Books and More

Hi Neighbors!

How is your weather lately?  We are spending the month of February in Florida, but I have a close friend in NY who said it was 10 degrees out the other day.  (I was in short sleeves and enjoying the weather at the time!)  Anyway, here is a fun way to spend a chilly day, visit Lulu and design a calendar, book, cookbook etc.  I had so much fun putting mine together!  I received a huge calendar with pictures I had taken, along with pictures of the family!  It looks great!  I was also impressed by the quality.  Often times when you get a calendar done it is on a flimsy paper, that rips out before the month is over.  Especially if you write on yours as much as we write on ours!  I did select the Premium 13.5 x 19 in.  They start at $23.99, but believe me, it is well worth the price.  I may even order one next year!  This will be hung on the wall next to my computer desk.  It is perfect for keeping deadlines and special dates in.  Take a look and see what you think!

The front cover is a Cardinal that was resting on our feeders.

Sorry for the shadow, but this shows one way you can arrange the pictures.

It was so easy to design. Lulu makes it simple! I was able to choose the pictures that I wanted and arrange them on the top of the calendar.  You get to choose a picture for the cover too!.  You can also have special dates printed in the calendar, like birthdays, anniversaries, and such. After putting it all together, I was able to preview it and then place my order.  Quick and easy!

May has all our dogs!

July 31st is our 30th Wedding Anniversary!

Now, as I mentioned above that Lulu also does books!  Cooking, photo, wedding, you name it.  I would love to do a wedding book for my friend in Chicago who just was married.  Their finances are very tight and they had to actually put up with me as their photographer, so I thought it would be neat if I could get a book done for her.  If I do, I will be sure and share it with my neighbors here.

This is one of the pictures I took with my new camera!

You can see the wire binding.

Personalized calendars make the perfect gift!  Design one from wedding photos for the couple who was just married.  Make a family calendar.  If you are a photographer, feature your own works of art.  This would make a great fundraiser for a Little League team, with photos of the players and action photos from games or practice.  These would be perfect for a church, with pictures from different activities from the past year.  

I was very happy with my experience with Lulu, from start to finish.  I am sure my neighbor who wins this giveaway will be completely satisfied with her calendar. 1 Neighbor will get to design their own calendar from Lulu.

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive one Lulu Calendar.  All quotes are taken from the Lulu website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are entirely mine.

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Kristen said...

My theme would be "My friends and family"

Anonymous said...

My theme would probably be the Linen or the Antique. I would use it as a gift for some friends that were married recently.

CathyH said...

I would use either nature photos I have taken or do an art theme using my art.