Saturday, February 25, 2012

He Means the Car Mats Too!

Hi neighbors!

I don't know how your husband is, but mine likes the car to stay clean.  With 8 of us riding in the vehicle though, it is not quite that easy.  I mean on any trip almost everyone brings a drink and a snack.  That means 8 empty water bottles and several empty packages (form crackers or treats). Sometimes the snacks have been crushed into the car floor mats.  Then of course there is dirt or gravel from shoes, tissues, receipts, and who knows what else.  We have to clean the vehicle thoroughly at least once a week.

That means, emptying all the pockets, drink holders, console, etc.  It includes cleaning under the seats.  Which is scary sometimes, because you never know what you will pull out!  Then of course there is the favorite catchall, the dashboard.  Up there you will find sunglasses, an atlas, books, business cards and an occasional charger for a phone or iPod.  The last hiding place is the glove box.  That is where everyone sticks important papers, coupons and letters and then leaves them.

Do we stop there?  No, next is wiping down the entire inside of the vehicle.  The dash, the console, seats, mirrors, and windows.  And don't forget the floor.  This must be vacuumed and the mats cleaned.  Yes, cleaned!  He means the car floor mats too!

So after a trip my husband will check the vehicle over and then assign someone to clean the vehicle.  He also tells them that he will be inspecting it afterwards and that he wants it done right.  Everything must be cleaned including the car floor mats!

The outside of course gets cleaned on a regular basis too.  Especially after a long trip or after they have salted the roads.  He is not a fanatic over keeping it clean, but he wants to take care of what we have.  So, when it is time to wash the outside we remove all our magnets (we have Bible verse magnets on our vehicle) and then scrub it all down.  In the winter we use a drive thru car wash, but we still try to remember to take the magnets off.  Occasionally we have lost a couple that way by forgetting to take them off, and then driving off.

How often do you have to clean your vehicle?  Are you a neat freak?  Or are you like some of our friends who have to race out to "neaten" their vehicle if someone needs a ride?  Any hints on helping keep it neat? 

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Darlene said...

We buy the car washes where you get a free meal from Applebees if you buy 3 car washes usually around x-mas time. In the summer we wash our cars in the driveway. With no kids our inside keeps pretty clean except if the dogs get it dirty, which we clean right away.