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Florida : MOSI Museum of Science and Industry

Hello Neighbors!

How is everyone today?  It has been really hot here in Florida lately.  On one of the cooler days we had, we visited the Museum Of Science and Industry (we will call it MOSI here At the Fence) in Tampa, Florida.  The whole theme of MOSI is to learn by doing/playing. A very neat hands-on experience!  I wish some of you could have gone with us!  It is so much fun to have friends along!

It "is the largest science center in the southeastern United States and home of the only IMAX® Dome Theatre in the state of Florida. Guests are encouraged to "learn by doing" in this scientific playground of special exhibitions and more than 450 hands-on activities."

"About MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry)
MOSI is a not-for-profit, community-based institution and educational resource dedicated to advancing public interest, knowledge, and understanding of science, industry, and technology. With a total size of over 400,000 square feet, MOSI is the largest science center in the southeastern United States, and home to the only IMAX® Dome Theatre in the state of Florida. Kids In Charge! The Children’s Science Center at MOSI is the largest children’s science center in the nation. Disasterville, featuring WeatherQuest, combines education and 10,000 square feet of interactive exhibits on the science behind natural disasters. MOSI’s newest permanent exhibition, The Amazing You, explores the fascinating world of birth through end of life. Conquer your fears and experience an adrenaline rush like no other on MOSI’s newest permanent attraction, the Sky Trail® Ropes Course, featuring 36 elements on a 12 – 36 foot high, multilevel structure. MOSI is the proud winner of the 2009 National Medal for Museums by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the nation’s highest honor for museums. For more information on MOSI, visit"

When you first walk in the door there is the ticket office where you buy tickets, and you are met by two HUGE diplodocus dinosaur skeletons.  MOSI is one of the few museums in the world to "display the largest articulated dinosaurs ever discovered."

On the second floor you enter... DISASTERVILLE!!  Disasterville covers nine types of disasters in a fun way!  These disasters include : floods, hail storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, lightning, tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes and volcanoes.  They also tell you how to be prepared should you ever experience one of these disasters.

After that you head into the Bay News 9 WeatherQuest room.  In here it shows you how much work is put into reporting, forecasting, and more.  You can step into the roles of reporter, anchor, emergency manager, producer, or a scientist all inside a newsroom designed as Bay 9 News Studio.Below you can see my dad and sister as news reporters!

Once you hit the third floor you go through The Amazing You! section.  Guests can explore whats amazing about each stage of life, teaches you how to stay healthy, and more!  M's favorite spot in this area was the Your Face...Aged!  You sit down in front of the camera and push the button to take a picture.  Then you wait for it to load and then you can slowly click through what your face would look like at different ages.  So keen!

Meet your future self!

Learning about sleep!
They also had one area that had jokes, funny pictures, and more!
Everyone enjoyed the section that had jokes and funny pictures.  They state that laughter is good for your health!  Imagine that.  Mom had to listen to all the jokes afterwards!

Next up is the High-Wire Bicycle!  You are harnessed unto the Bicycle and then you ride out across a 98-foot-long cable suspended 30 feet above the ground!  Can you believe it?  My little sister M. finally (after being assured she could not fall) decided she wanted to try it.  I have included a short video of her doing it.  After she got off she kept talking about how fun it was!

After the High-Wire Bicycle you can go to the Sky Trail Ropes Course.  Let me tell you - This is AMAZING!  I have included a short video of my two brothers and my little sister doing this.  They really enjoyed it!  This is a huge area where you are attached by a safety belt and can climb and explore all over!

Can you tell she liked it!?!

Another thing you don't want to miss (especially my little sister!) is the Kids In Charge! area.  Kids In Charge! is The Children's Science Center at MOSI that is designed for children ages 12 and under.  I think you do need to be told that everybody in my family enjoyed this area.  Not just my little sister!  There are several different areas in here.  The first thing we did was the Magnetic Pendulum.  You take these little magnets and slowly pull them your way (after they are attached) but be careful!  If you pull to hard they will come off!  After doing it for just a couple of minutes we got it going really good.  M. was amazed!  Next was the Wheelchair Racing.  There is a section where there is a wheelchair and a timer and you have to time how long it takes you to go to the end, turn around, and come back.  Then we headed to the Tug Of War.  Because of the way it was hooked up one side had more leverage and almost always won.  It took three family members (all older than 15) to beat just me on the side that had more leverage.  So fun!  Next up was the Weave A Web!  To do this you put your wrist through a piece of rope that is clipped unto one of the many tangled pieces of rope inside that area.  Then you have to go from one side to the other, connected to the same rope, never taking your hand out, and trying not to get all tangled!  Sound like fun?  M really enjoyed this one too!

Another area in the Kids In Charge! that she really liked was the Obstacle Course.  For one token (you can purchase these for 2 for $1.) she could go through it five times!  Here  is a short video of her doing the Obstacle Course.


Don't forget the MOSI Cafe!  All of us except my Dad decided to go for Pizza.  Some had Pepperoni and the others had Cheese.  My Dad chose a Cheeseburger.  It was big!  We shared a couple of drinks and had a great lunch.

Getting ready to dig in to her Cheese Pizza!

MOSI has agreed to send one of my Neighbors a Family Four Pack of General Admission Tickets to Tampa FL. ONLY!  Wow!


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Nancy said…
I think we'd most enjoy the planetarium!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com
We've lived in the Tampa area now for 4 years...can't believe we still haven't visited MOSI! I know my whole family would love the BioWorks Butterfly Garden!

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