Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hello Neighbors!

How is everyone today?  A really nice day to be out here visiting At the Fence.  We will be updating At the Fence as we travel so make sure you keep checking back.

We have been doing alot of cooking and baking lately.  ALOT!  My little sister is planning on making a Cherry Pie, a Cake, Cookies, and more.  Plus, she has been making meals and is planning on more.   She will be in charge of the kitchen for one whole week. The one hard thing about this is that we use alot of pots, pans, and dishes.  I don't know why, there are only 8 of us!  We have one pot rack in the kitchen but it is so low that our pets (our Cat and our Dogs) can easily reach it.  And that is something that we do not want!  So we have been looking at different pot racks to see if we can find another one that would work easier for us.  One brand I was looking at is Enclume pot racks.  I believe the Enclume pot rack would work best for us.  Or maybe one of the mounted wall Enclume potracks.  What do you think?  What type of pot rack do you like best?  Leave a comment below and let us know!

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Darlene said...

I don't use a pot rack, I put my pots in the cupboard. With 2 big dogs in the house there is hair flying around all the time, if I used a hanging rack, I would have to wash my pots before I used them. But on the other hand I do like the look of pots handing.