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Freschetta Rally for Real Pizza

Hey Neighbors! Have you heard about the Freschetta Rally for Real Pizza?  Freschetta believes that frozen pizza shouldn't only taste better, it should be better!  With fresh ingredients.  "Freschetta® frozen pizzas are made with top-quality ingredients and taste-tested recipes, just to make sure your pizza will always deliver Fresch® flavor." With a large family we are always having a game night or family night at least once a week and of course that means snacks! My family loves to have pizza, and what mother doesn't want the freshest possible ingredients for her family?  I do!  Sometimes there just isn't enough time to make pizza from scratch so knowing I have a pizza like Freschetta on hand makes my choice alot easier.  It is comforting to know that Freschetta cares about what I serve my family.  Be sure to "like" Freschetta on Facebook , and join their Rally by adding your photo to the Rally Mosaic on Facebook.  Each week they will choose 10

We Are Teaching Our Children to Avoid Bankruptcy

Hi Neighbors! I was asked to do a post for Borowitz and Clark attorneys specializing in bankruptcy Los Angeles area.  It is sort of funny that this post came up, because as a family we have discussed how much people rely on credit and loans.  We are personally teaching our children that if you don't have the cash on hand, you don't buy it.  Unfortunately we have become a society that thinks they need everything and they need it now.  So instead of waiting and saving to make a purchase, we buy it on time, or with a credit card, and end up paying more than we would if we just waited and paid cash.  This would not be so bad, if it was only one item, but it never stops.  There is always something new, bigger, better, that "needs" purchased.  I have personally seen people buy an item with credit, and end up paying far more than they would if they had just taken a few months to save and pay cash.  Wouldn't it be great to just stay out of debt to avoid bankruptcy?

The Best Family Destinations: The Complete Idiots Guide

Hey Neighbors, As you know we are still in Florida!  Panama City area now!  I still can not believe how warm it has been.  Anyway, I received a book, The Complete Idiots Guide to The Best Family Destinations .  Since I was born in Florida, and have lived here off and on my entire life, I can actually say that they cover alot of the neat family destinations.  Yes, of course they cover the big things like Disney, EPCOT, but I was surprised how many of the smaller places they cover.  Like they actually mention Green Meadows Petting Farm in Kissimee.  We had a great time there a few years ago.  And of course there is Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park in Homosassa.  They do mention the Arabian Nights, but not Medieval Times, which we were able to visit this trip while in the Orlando area.  Also missing was MOSI and the Tampa Lowry Park Zoo both in Tampa and both well worth visiting. Then when you mention the beaches, we have been to may of them.  From Panama City Beach all the way to C

Yoplait Lactose Free Yogurt Prize Pack

Hi neighbors! Are any of you or your family members lactose intolerant?  I have 2 that react, but not all the time.  And one of them loves yogurt, so I was excited to hear about Yoplait Lactose Free yogurt.  Now I don't have to guess if she can have it this time, because Yoplait now has the Lactose Free yogurt.  And it comes in four delicious flavors; Strawberry, Peach, French Vanilla, and Cherry.  I have to say that Cherry is my favorite, while some of my children like the French Vanilla. Just think what a benefit this is!  You can use this in recipes, just for a snack, in smoothies, etc. and not have to worry about Lactose Intolerance.  My children love fruit smoothies made with yogurt, and now I have a yogurt I can use and know that my daughter won't react to it!  Wonderful!  We usually use yogurt, orange juice and their favorite fruit.  Freezing the yogurt ahead of time makes it even better.  I haven't tried it yet with the Yoplait Lactose Free Yogurt , but I am s

Striped Shirt is Great!

Hey Neighbors! Our trip to Florida is going great!  We have had a wonderful time.  While here we have visited several tourist attractions.  Now, I don't know about you, but I am always concerned about getting separated, or losing someone.  Not hard to do in a large crowd.  Or if you are sitting waiting for them to get off a ride.  Well, Striped Shirts has come up with a perfect solution!  Matching striped shirts. Now this is not why they were designed, but it sure worked for me.  Perhaps they have another selling point now!  They were originally designed so that women and little girls could wear their team colors in a stylish manner and not have to wear "guy" shirts.  I believe they have achieved their goal. Both shirts together. We chose red and navy blue.  Before I go any further though I need to tell you that this is one of the most comfortable shirts I have worn.  I LOVE mine!  And yes, it did help me keep track of my youngest daughter.  I just had to look fo

Dog Sitting

 Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer Since moving into our neighborhood, we have gotten to know all of our neighbors on our street. It is so nice to know all of them. We have been blessed with such nice people to live by. We all look out for each others' kids and help each other out when we need to. I needed to run to the store yesterday and instead of having to take all the kids with me, I just asked my neighbor if they could come play in her backyard while I went. Then I am able to have a little alone time while I grocery shop and the kids can have fun with their friends. I don't feel bad because I will do something to pay her back soon. A few weeks ago I watch their dogs while they were away on vacation . It turned out to be quite interesting because she had given me her key and written down the instructions, but the dog had eaten the instructions so I had no clue what to do when I came in and the home secrity Laurel started going off! I had to call her while the

He Means the Car Mats Too!

Hi neighbors! I don't know how your husband is, but mine likes the car to stay clean.  With 8 of us riding in the vehicle though, it is not quite that easy.  I mean on any trip almost everyone brings a drink and a snack.  That means 8 empty water bottles and several empty packages (form crackers or treats). Sometimes the snacks have been crushed into the car floor mats .  Then of course there is dirt or gravel from shoes, tissues, receipts, and who knows what else.  We have to clean the vehicle thoroughly at least once a week. That means, emptying all the pockets, drink holders, console, etc.  It includes cleaning under the seats.  Which is scary sometimes, because you never know what you will pull out!  Then of course there is the favorite catchall, the dashboard.  Up there you will find sunglasses, an atlas, books, business cards and an occasional charger for a phone or iPod.  The last hiding place is the glove box.  That is where everyone sticks important papers, coupons and

Zylie the Bear Camping Part 2

Well Neighbors, We just had a great time camping at Wekiwa Springs State Park in Florida.  We had 2 tents.  A girl's tent (including Zylie) and a tent for mom, dad and the two boys.  The first night was extremely warm.  Yes, I know it is supposed to be winter down here, but I had a hard time sleeping it was so warm.  The second night it cooled off quite a bit.  All of us, including Zylie had a good night's sleep.  We stayed the next 3 nights in a hotel near a church where my husband was preaching, but then we returned to Wekiwa.  This is one of our favorite Florida parks to camp in.  A few years ago, we had a night time visitor, possibly one of Zylie's relatives.  He stole our entire container of dog food.  I mean container and all.  The next night he climbed into the back of a neighboring camper's pickup and tried to drag their cooler out.  The next morning they showed us the claw and teeth marks in the cooler.  So, he probably wasn't one of Zylie's rela

Florida : MOSI Museum of Science and Industry

Hello Neighbors! How is everyone today?  It has been really hot here in Florida lately.  On one of the cooler days we had, we visited the Museum Of Science and Industry (we will call it MOSI here At the Fence) in Tampa, Florida.  The whole theme of MOSI is to learn by doing/playing. A very neat hands-on experience!  I wish some of you could have gone with us!  It is so much fun to have friends along! It "is the largest science center in the southeastern United States and home of the only IMAX® Dome Theatre in the state of Florida. Guests are encouraged to "learn by doing" in this scientific playground of special exhibitions and more than 450 hands-on activities." "About MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry) MOSI is a not-for-profit, community-based institution and educational resource dedicated to advancing public interest, knowledge, and understanding of science, industry, and technology. With a total size of over 400,000 square feet, MOSI


Hey Neighbors!   It’s cold and allergy season again!  And for 119 million US households that are affected that means runny noses, congestion and sinus problems. While many people find relief using over-the-counter and prescription drugs, they might not realize that something as simple as natural steam can have a profound effect on their respiratory symptoms.  We’ve all heard the “old wives’ tales”…hold your baby in the bathroom with the hot shower running if they’re congested; use a humidifier to alleviate cold and sinus issues…but it’s actually proven science! The warm mist opens sinuses by thinning secretions as it hydrates and soothes irritated tissues. No drugs are needed, making it an all-natural and safe decongestant. But while even doctors agree that steam inhalation is effective in treating some of the most common respiratory conditions, using steam and steam devices like humidifiers can be impractical (who can really stand in a hot steam shower 4x/d

Creating gift baskets for special occasions in life

There are a multitude of occasions that would call for the giving of gifts. Along with this, there are also a lot of different things that those who want to give gifts can chose from. One of the most popular kinds of gifts that are available to purchase, no matter what the occasion, are  gift baskets . These kinds of gifts can be used for birthday celebrations Christmas as well as the traditional gift baskets that are given at Easter. These are usually given to children however depending on your specific occasion it can be for a host of other occasions as well. What you choose to fill your gift baskets with not only depends on the kind of budget that you have but it also depends on the person that you are purchasing the gift for as well. The things that they like and appreciate may surprise you and because of this most people try to select items that are going to be the best match for the person that they are intended for. This is not always the easiest goal to accomplish but it is

Embrace Sleep Collar Travel Pillow

Hi Neighbors! Greetings from beautiful, sunny, HOT, Florida!  If you have been following our travels, you know that we have been in Ocala, Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando, and we will be spending 4 more days at Wekiwa Springs State Park in Orlando. I have another super neat travel product to share with you.  It is called the Embrace Sleep Collar , Travel Pillow.  With all 8 of us traveling together, there is almost always someone dozing off on the trip.  Now, my children think it is hysterical to watch the one dozing off, as their head bounces and they jerk awake.  The Embrace Sleep Collar helps to prevent that.  Not only does it stop the head from bobbing around, but it keeps your head and neck in alignment, so you don't wake up with a sore neck, or a headache.  If I sleep funny, I almost always wake up with a headache. The Embrace Sleep Collar has Memory Foam, which makes it so comfortable.  It has a wicking fabric cover, made from the same material as expensive running s

Teton Sports Escape 4300 Backpack Update!

Hi neighbors! Remember the Teton Sports Escape 4300  Backpack?  Well, take a look at these pictures!  My son was the one who is supposed to use it, but my 11 year old wanted to try it on!  With a sleeping bag in the bottom and supplies and clothing on top, you can really pack this backpack.  There are also some smaller pockets for little items.  We were camping at Wekiwa Springs State Park Near Orlando Florida. A thorough description: The Escape4300 is a large pack designed for week-long trips or times when you have lots of gear. Aluminum stays and high-density foam back panel keep support right where you need it. Includes padded waist and shoulder straps, multiple load adjustments, and torso lengthener that can be fit to your body without removing pack. This hydration-ready pack fits a 2.5-liter bladder (not included), has a 4,300 cubic inch capacity with seven pockets, two pouches, four compression straps, daisy chain gear loops, D-ring, eyelets, and slide-storage under h

Mold in the Bathroom! Yuck! Enter the Tilex "Cancel the Mold Show in Your Bathroom Sweepstakes

Hello Neighbors! Do you ever have mold and mildew show up in your bathroom?  We do!  We own an older home, and for some reason the mold seems to grow here faster than I have ever seen before.  We really have to watch the caulked areas around the tub and shower.  I think since the house has obviously "settled some", the tub is on a slight slant, so water seems to pool in some areas on the sides, encouraging mold growth.  I am constantly looking for new or different ways to stop mold growing here. I have used vinegar to try and keep it under control, but it just never seems to keep it under control.  One time I used bleach with a spray bottle and I would apply it, let it sit for several minutes and then use a toothbrush to scrub it out.  It took several times of repeating this process. And of course you need to have a well ventilated room to do this.  Unfortunately our bathroom has no windows, a perfect setup for mildew growth, so I have to set up a fan to blow fumes out th

Recipes for Fun with Clorox Clean-Up

Hey Neighbors! I just received some information about a really neat, new site!  It is called Recipes for Fun, and is done by Clorox Clean-Ups.  The whole thought being that sometimes having fun can be messy and Clorox Clean-Ups can help, well...with the cleanup part!  On their new site, Recipes for Fun, you will find crafts, cooking, wacky science, all sorts of fun projects you can do together with your children.  The best part is that for the opening of this new site, Clorox Clean-Ups is having an Ultimate Mess Party contest.  You, my neighbors, can sign up for a chance to win $10,000 towards an Ultimate Mess Party!  Plus there are other prizes being awarded daily, just for registering or sharing a recipe.  Now I know some of my neighbors have some great ideas to share!  So hurry over to Recipes for Fun and enter. Having had 6 children, we have run through all sorts of crafts and recipes.  Even the boys participated in crafts and cooking.  My youngest is presently going through a