Friday, January 6, 2012

A Request from Me to my Neighbors!

Hello neighbors,

As we start out the New Year I have a request to make of you, especially those who visit regularly.  To keep this site up and running, and to keep reaching larger companies, more companies, etc, I could use your help.  I have started doing alot more paid posts, and of course I do posts that are still reviews.  It would truly be a help to me if you could come in and comment on some of these and also click on the links and visit their sites.  I obviously receive comments on the giveaways, but I need more responses on the reviews.  Please help when you can.  I am not asking you to constantly comment on everything, just when you visit, take a minute and read the other posts and leave a friendly comment.  Thank you in advance to those who are willing to help.

See you At the Fence!


Darlene said...

Lori I read all your posts and will be happy to respond, I never thought it was something you would want me to do.

Unknown said...

I'd be happy to help!