Thursday, January 12, 2012

Q-Tips New Precision Tips

Hi Neighbors!

This is the perfect day for visiting here At the Fence.  It is cold and snow is blowing outside.  In here At the Fence I can sit with my feet in warm socks, a cup of warm tea beside me, and visit with my neighbors.

Q-Tips are an always in stock product at my home.  We use them for all sorts of different tasks.  I clean my keyboard with a Q-Tip.  We clean the dog's ears and around their eyes with Q-tips.  And of course they are in constant use in our bathroom.  Cleaning ears, removing nail polish or beauty products, I have even used it for cleaning and oiling the hair clippers.  And of course they are perfect for applying ointment to cuts and scrapes.  And with 6 children, we have had alot of those!

I love the new Precision Tips because the tip reaches even more areas than before!  The precision Tip is pointed at both ends.  They are perfect for cleaning my keyboard, and of course for the small areas on my camera and camcorder.  They are also great for craft projects!  You can apply a small dot of glue, use them to apply paint, your children can even build with them. 

Can you see the difference?

There are so many uses for Q-Tips.  We have just touched the Q-Tip of the iceberg!  How many ways do you use Q-Tips in your home?  Do you consider them an essential for your bathroom cabinet?  Be sure to check out Q-Tips on Facebook for more ideas!

Disclosure:I was compensated for this post, and I received Q-Tips for review purposes.  However, all thoughts and opinions are entirely mine.

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Unknown said...

I can think of so many uses for these from grooming and make-up to gun cleaning!