Saturday, January 7, 2012

Popcorn and Games!

Hi neighbors!

Friday evening is our family game night.  We usually choose a game or two, gather around the table, grab a snack and play games for a couple of hours.  The snack of choice in our home on these evenings is usually popcorn.  Sometimes it is microwave popcorn and other times we actually use the popcorn maker.  It just depends on how much time we have before the game time starts. My oldest daughters like to try different types of flavorings for the popcorn so we often have popcorn supplies on hand.  Cheese is the number one favorite, but they also like a pizza flavor.

Occasionally we will purchase a flavored popcorn from the store or a specialty shop.  We have tried spicy popcorn, not really a favorite.  The big hit was when I found some dark chocolate popcorn on clearance at a local store.  It was $1 a bag.  My husband and two of the children tried it and he went back and bought 10 more bags!  They did not last long!

Not only do we have popcorn on family night, but it is often a side dish with lunch.  The children love to have it with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or when they have soup.  My only problem is having enough in the house.  If we use microwave popcorn with lunch, we almost always go through 3-4 bags.  Popcorn is also our favorite hotel snack.  It is reasonably inexpensive, easy to make or bring with you, fills the children, and tastes great!  For the hotel we often bring our seasoning shakers with us.

Do any of my neighbors have a favorite type or flavor of popcorn?  Do you have a special seasoning you use?  Leave a comment and share it with us!

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Darlene said...

I love just plain butter popcorn, but I do like the kind you buy at the fair, it tastes like it has sugar on it.

karenmed409 said...

Love the Kettle Corn.. sprinkle a little on top and taste just like you were at the fair.