Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Feet are Warm Again!

Hi Neighbors!

We just received the cutest, and I mean cutest pair of sock slippers!  They are little, pink pigs!  Lately my feet have been cold.  Nothing else, just my feet.  I think it has to do with my diabetes and the hardwood floors in the home here.  I am the first one to complain of being too hot, but not my feet.  I used to run around barefoot as much as I could, now I wear socks or these really nice sock slippers. They really Chase Away the Chill!

They actually come a little above the ankle, and are super soft, and super warm! The sole is non-slip, and the actual base of the slipper is a nice comfortably, padded bottom.  I do have to hide them from my daughters because they will try to wear them when I don't.  The sock slippers came from BunnySlippers.com.  They have a wide variety of animal slippers.  They also have... get this, Microwavable slippers!  They have removable insoles, that are lavender scented.  You heat them up, slip them back into the slipper, and enjoy. 

The Pink Pig Sock Slippers are $24.95.  Wait till you see the pictures!  You just might want a pair yourself.  You can purchase them from BunnySlippers.com.  They even have them for men, but I think my husband would prefer a different color than pink.  Maybe the  Monkey Sock Slippers.

I encourage my neighbors to stop by their site and look around.  They have some really adorable slippers!  And they have them for the whole family!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive a pair of slippers for review purposes.  All quotes are taken from the email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.


Darlene said...

My feet are always cold also, I usually have a pair of socks on all the time in the winter, so those slippers look really cozy.


ShellyH said...

totally adorable!