Thursday, January 26, 2012

Homemade Bread From Scratch

Hi Neighbors!

I just had to share this.  My two youngest daughters are learning to bake bread.  They are 14 and 11 and have both completed one loaf each!  With a family the size of ours they don't last long though!  The minute they come out of the oven everyone wants some!  Pull out a knife and butter and let's go.
Looks ready to eat.

Can you tell she is happy with the results?
Anyway, yesterday Modesty baked her bread all alone.  Today she helped Mercy bake hers.  They both turned out great!  We did have to rescue Mercy when she forgot to put some flour on her hand before kneading the dough.  They both did an excellent job and will each be making a pie, a sweet bread, cake, cobbler and cookies.  I will post more as they work on these.

Sticky hands! Still smiling though.

Much better!
Looks good!

Can you taste it?
Ready to eat.
 Have you ever made bread from scratch?  Have a favorite bread recipe to share?  Leave a comment!


ShellyH said...

I love making homemade bread and often make ours. I also love making homemade dinner rolls and buns too!

Angie Bailey said...

I made an Irish Soda bread once and everyone really enjoyed it.

Danielle S said...

I have been baking bread for over 27 years now. I have tried many recipes, but finally came up with my own recipe. My mother once bought me a bread machine because she felt 'sorry' that I was always baking bread. I passed that on to someone who could use it. Store bought bread just doesn't taste good to me anymore.