Thursday, January 19, 2012

Giving Guests a Goodnight's Sleep

Whether you plan to have a weekly rotation of sleepovers for your kids or only want to be prepared should your friends drop in unexpectedly, you will want to be able to house guests comfortably. It’s easy to do, but not many people think about it. Most of us remember futons from our college days and not too fondly. That’s because we got cheap ones that were either handed down to us or they were just left in our dorm room when someone moved out.

Spend a little extra money to get something with some support and a good amount of cushioning. A cheap futon is cheap for a reason. Don’t force your guests to sleep on them, while kidding yourself that they are comfortable.

A step up from the futon is the daybed. This is a bed that can become a couch rather than a couch that becomes a bed. It makes a difference since its primary purpose is sleeping; they are designed to be more comfortable in that form. These are great if you don’t have a guest room, which many of us don’t even have the space for. Ditch the pullout couches and never consider buying them. They aren’t comfortable. Every time you sleep on them you feel like you’ve spent the night on a set of kid’s bunkbeds that are too small in a hotel that hasn’t turned their mattresses in a long time. Just get rid of those pullout couches and forget about them. If you do have a guest room then get a set of adult bunkbeds. Forget about the kids bunk beds that you slept on at camp. Today there are some quality bunkbeds that are absolutely beautiful. By using these instead of a standard bed you are doubling the sleeping space in that one room. This means that you can have more guests while using less space. Even if you only have one child I think you should get a set of kid’s bunk beds for their room. It’s for the same reasons that I suggest adult bunk beds in the guest room. Sleepovers get that much easier when you already have a set of kid’s bunk beds ready and waiting for that extra child.

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