Monday, January 30, 2012

Dress Up and Growing Up

Hi Neighbors!

How many of you have a little girl, or not so little girl who likes to play dress-up?  My 11 year old is going through an amazing stage right now.  Not only does she like to play dress-up, but she is starting to want to bake, cook, sew etc.  One minute she is running around in a princess dress and cape, and the next she is making homemade bread all by herself.

She is the youngest, so watching her go through this stage is sad, but sweet.  She goes from little girl to young lady.  My husband said the Lord gave her to us to put a smile on his face.  She loves to tease him in return.  In the last week she has baked bread and made chocolate cream pie, all from scratch.  She even whipped up heavy cream to make her own whipped topping.  She did very well on her first tries.

We are working through a book from Keepers of the Faith called Keepers At Home.  It has all sorts of ideas and projects for girls to accomplish to prepare them to be a wife and mother.  They are both excited about working through the book.  She is really looking forward to sewing and taking charge of preparing meals.  I will keep you posted on how it goes.

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