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Does Your Home Need Insulation?

Hi Neighbors!

I woke up this morning to snow on the ground and wind that is rattling the doors!  I guess I can't complain with all the good weather we have been having.  I am happy though that we recently replaced all the windows in the home!  This is an older home, and some of the windows were just not air tight.  Last year we had at least 3 we had to roll a towel and place it near the seal to keep out the wind.  I am happy to say, not anymore!  It is so nice to hear the wind howling outside and know that you have sealed off one way it used to get in.

We also insulated the enclosed back porch.  After replacing all the windows there we decided if we put insulation in the ceiling and used a small room heater, we could actually use that room this winter.  It used to be so cold back there, that we just sealed it off for the winter.  Now, thanks to the new windows and insulation we have an extra room!  The attic was another area we recently had insulation replaced.  You know how these older homes are.  If you don't perform maintenance on them they quickly allow in the wind, rain and snow!

The last step on our insulating process is we really need to replace 3 doors.  2 are absolutely needed, and the third would also help.  Whoever cut these doors to fit, did a lousy job.  The wind literally pours in under the front door!  Another rolled towel to the rescue!  It does get aggravating to have to keep repositioning it.  The front door is the most important to replace to keep out the cold.  It has direct access to our living area.  The rear door also leaks, but that leads into the enclosed back patio, and then you have another door into the house.  So, even though they both allow wind in and do not seal properly, at least there are 2 doors there to somewhat hinder the cold.

How about my neighbors?  Do you have any insulation problems you need to repair?  Any great suggestions to help[ keep the cold weather out and the warm air in?  Leave a comment if you do!

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog for Continuous Insulation and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.


karenmed409 said…
We need to replace the insulation in our attic, hubby has putting a little spray foam on areas he thinks where the cold air was drifting in from. I am going to have the hubby take a look at this for our spring project
HugoVasey said…
Thank you for sharing this valuable information. I hope everyone will also find it very helpful. Keep posting!

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