Saturday, January 7, 2012

Auto Insurance Made All the Difference

Hi Neighbors!

Here is one time I really appreciated our Auto Insurance Company.  Quite a few years ago we purchased an older Suburban and we were slowly fixing it up.  At the time we only had 4 children, and decided to take a trip to Missouri from Florida.

We all loaded up in the Suburban ready to go.  We had just left the Tallahassee area and needed to stop for gas, a bathroom break, and to grab a soda so we pulled into a gas station.  We all climbed back into our spots and headed out on the highway.  It was evening at this point.  My husband and I were talking in the front, while the children were talking quietly and having a snack.  Out of nowhere a vehicle t-boned us!  On a highway!  My husband regained control of the vehicle and pulled to the side of the road.  The other vehicle pulled up quite aways behind us.  My husband did not want to approach the other vehicle as we were not sure if he had been drinking or what.  There was an exit just a short distance ahead, so we pulled in to an empty gas station and used the pay phone to call the police.  (Does that help date this!)

The police officers arrived and took our information.  He sent another officer down the highway to speak to the other driver. The car had hit us directly on the drivers side hitting both the driver's and passenger's door.  My husband's door would not open, so he had to climb out the window.  Because this was an older Suburban it was built like a tank, so no one was injured.  After filing reports we decided to go on with our trip.  My husband quickly tired of exiting through my door or the window.  Finally after a day or so of tugging on the door it would open if you used alot of force.

When we returned from our trip my husband had already called our insurance company, but they came out to check the vehicle.  They also brought the insurance claim the other driver had filed.  He wanted our company to pay for his repairs.  Needless to say, we had the copy of the police report to compare with his statement.  He claimed we were in a pickup truck.  On a highway over 100 miles from where the accident occurred.  He also had the wrong day for the accident.  Our insurance company quickly turned him down.

After inspecting our Suburban and hearing how much we had already put into restoring it, they totaled our vehicle.  We received the use of a rental mini van to look for another means of transportation.  We were really hoping for another Suburban, but my husband thought it unlikely because of the price of Suburbans.  We found one!  Newer!  One owner!  And not far out of our way.  Not only that, the price we had received covered the purchase! 

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Darlene said...

The one time my husband was in an accident, a car did not stop at the stop sign exiting the thruway and hit his truck. Luckily it was close to home and he wasn't hurt. He took her insurance info. but did not call the police. Another driver stopped and said he saw it happen and if he needed a witness he would be one.
Happily the lady told her insurance company it was her fault and her insurance company paid for everything, without a police report it could have been a lot worse.