Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why Online Marketing is so Important!

Hey Neighbors!

I have been thinking alot lately about how important it is that companies and businesses use online marketing.  Obviously I am a little biased, because what I do here is a form of online marketing for companies, but honestly, just how important is online marketing?  To me it has become more important, because the first place I look for a restaurant, bookstore, even Thrift store while traveling is online.  I immediately Google to find out what is available, but I also Google to get more information about a business.  I check for customer feedback because that will tell me about their business and their practices.  I definitely prefer to shop where I have already heard good about the business.

I have also personally been able to help promote small businesses, that would otherwise not be known.. In one instance we were out visiting yard sales, when I came across a lady who made jewelry.  I was able to tell her what I did and she immediately volunteered for a review.  She had attended a few local shows, and had family and friends that ordered from her up to this point.  She gave me a couple of pieces of her jewelry for review, and also gave me a pair of earrings for a giveaway.  Through one post she was able to reach hundreds of people that she never would have reached.  She only had a Facebook page at the time, and was looking into starting her own website.  Internet marketing helped her and she realized how many more people she could reach.

Online marketing is a way to reach more people, faster, and see more results.  Today we are becoming a nation of technology.  Just this evening while some friends were over visiting, 5-7 of us were online at one point.  Most people own at least one laptop, iPod, iPad, etc, where they have access to the internet.  I no longer check newspaper ads, I look online.  If a company does not advertise online, I may never hear of them.  Online marketing is an important tool for today's businesses.

Disclosure:I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog  for an internet marketing company and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.