Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Choose a Business School Education

Hey Neighbors!

I am starting to look for a local business school, or one that has online courses.  My son is interested in taking classes, so we are on the lookout!  He wants to go into management of some kind.  He was considering hotel management, but who knows.  He is very good at organizational skills and math, so he is considering his options.  By attending a business school, he will gain more skills that would help him in his choice of career.  From learning communication skills, accounting, business practice, solving problems and even some hands on experience he will be equipped for whatever the future might offer.

Having a business degree will open more options to him then if he started in a business and tried working his way up.  A degree would also help with promotions, and probably offer a better pay grade.  He would be able to start with a working knowledge of business, and it will prepare him for the changes in business practices that are taking place. After graduating from a business college he will be able to go into the field of his choosing, whether he goes in to hotel management, or manages a store.  We will continue our research and see what we come up with.  If any of you have any advice or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. 

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Darlene said...

Good advice for you son, education is always helpful in getting a job. Once he starts taking classes he will find what his interests are. Greg knew what he wanted to do, but his brother didn't. He knew he liked math and thought maybe he would be a math teacher, but once he started taking classes he went to be an actuary instead. With your sons interests there are a lot of different fields he could go int.

Halley C. said...

It is a common misconception that a business and marketing course is a dying field. This is obviously not true.

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