Friday, December 9, 2011

Tough Traveler Review

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Grand Gift Guide At the Fence Post #

Hello Neighbors,

We have had some great companies participating in the Gift Guide.  And we still have more!  One of these is the Tough Traveler Toddler Backpacks.  They sent me two of them.

Here is a little bit about Tough Traveler :
"Tough Traveler Ltd. is located in upstate NY, where we have been manufacturing our quality luggage, backpacks, baby / child carriers, and many other products, for over 40 years. Since our beginning in 1970, we have remained a privately-owned company with a commitment to making products in America, that really make people happy - whether because of the convenience features that exactly fits their needs, the comfortable design which allows them to enjoy outdoors and travel activities, or just because of the incredible durability that allows them to keep a favorite bag for years on end.  All of Tough Traveler's products are made in our own USA-factory, primarily using American-made materials. Every bag is made by our staff of skilled craftspeople in a sweat-shop-free environment. We employ the highest standards for design and durability. Tough Traveler's bags are known for attractive design and superb workmanship, and many of our customers tell us they appreciate our manufacture in the USA."

Wow!  The first backpack they sent me is the Tiny Teardrop Kiddy Pack.  Here is a picture from  their website and some info...

"•Adorable & durable small backpack for children ages 3-5 for pre-school, walks, and travel!
•Great "safety pack" for toddler to carry during outdoor excursions, to carry emergency supplies
• Two narrow, lightweight backpack straps
•Made of light-weight, wear-resistant packcloth
Price: $32.00
Color: Royal, Slate, Yellow, Navy, Teal, Green, Natural, Grey, Camouflage, Gold Diamond, Plum, Burgundy Diamond, Olive, White (Red Trim), Red (Rainbow Trim), Orange (Rainbow Trim, Peacock (White Trim), Purple (White Trim), Orange (ONE Shoulder, Lilac (White Trim)"

This is really nice.  H. loved using it!

They also sent me the Kiddy Fleece...
"•Same features as the Kiddy Pack, with added fleece lining for insulation.
•Useful for carrying meals or snacks.
•Machine washable.
Price: $44.00        Color: Teal, Purple, Navy, Royal, Red, Gold, Black, Burgundy, Slate"

These are great.  H. is really enjoying having backpacks just her size!  Here are a couple of pictures...

The straps are rainbow colored!
And here is the back!

These are really great!  They also have other packs, suitcases, baby carriers, and more!  Make sure you check out their website.  They have some products that would make a great gift.  You can also Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter to stay up on their latest news.


Darlene said...

I love seeing my little granddaughter on your reviews.

Darlene Owen

Serviced apartments pattaya said...

Finally Tough Traveler made versions for toddlers! They will now have fun carrying their own stuff when we travel.