Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shaving Choices

Hey Neighbors!

So glad you came out today to visit At the Fence.  I have a question, do any of you have any teenage boys that are starting to grow a beard or mustache?  Do they want to shave or allow it to grow?  I have two sons trying to decide the shaving dilemma.  My 18 year old has pretty much decided to go clean shaven, although every once in a while he is not sure.  My 16 year old on the other hand is truly undecided.  He starts to grow the mustache, and then shaves it off.  A few days later, he starts growing it again.  His dad has asked him to decide one way or the other.  So we aren't constantly yoyoing back and forth. 

Personally I think he would look nice with a mustache.  It looks good as it is starting to come in.  I don't think he is ready for a beard yet. It is not coming in even there yet.  Their dad has a beard and mustache, and I love it.  The boys are still trying to make their own choices and decisions.  It's funny because they are so close in age that they were always dressing alike and now they each try to be a little different on purpose.  They try to have their hair cut a little differently, and I think they will probably be divided on the beard and mustache issue for awhile. 

I also think part of the issue is having to shave everyday.  My 16 year old isn't sure that he really wants to shave everyday, but if he doesn't he has the start of a mustache again.  Oh the trials of growing up!  Have some advice neighbors?  Please leave a comment with your opinions.

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karenmed409 said...

same here with my 17 year old grandson. Big guy is undecided.. his cheeks look like peach fuzz.. he needs to shave every other day since he doesn't care to shave. I let him know he is setting a good example with his fellow scouts and keeping his face shaved. Don't have any advice for ya.