Monday, December 26, 2011

Prepping for my best friend's bridal shower

Guest post written by Jenny Presley

There are all kinds of things that I've been helping my friend with on her upcoming wedding. I took a trip with her to look for bridal gowns and have looked through so many wedding magazines with her. It's been so much fun! But it's also strange to think that she's getting married and I'm nowhere near close to that point in my life. I'm her maid of honor and have been working really hard to try and plan her bridal shower without her figuring out what I'm doing for it.
I've been doing all kinds of research online with my wireless internet Amarillo for some fun ideas. I thought that I would go with an autumn theme. It's her favorite season anyway so I thought that it wouldn't hurt to capitalize on that.
I think that she's going to love her autumn bridal shower. I already decided to go with some pumpkin spice cheese cake as part of the party, which is her favorite seasonal dessert. She makes it a point to eat a lot of it during the season, so I'm making that easier on her.

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