Friday, December 16, 2011

Penbo and Bebe Reivew

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Hey Neighbors!

I just have to introduce you to Penbo ($59.99) from iloveRobots!  She is a really cute, pink penguin, that interacts with you and with her Bebe!  She waddles, flaps her wings and coos!  We had so much fun experimenting with her.  Penbo has a hidden surprise inside her belly.  She carries an egg, with a Bebe inside.  The Bebe comes in green, pink, or blue.  You'll heave to wait and see what color we received!  I actually was introduced to Penbo at ChiTAG, the Chicago Toy and Game Fair.  We also met the other Penbo friends, Skylee and Pembino, all of whom interact together.  I will have a couple of videos on this one!

PENBO with Bebe.
Isn't Penbo cute!

She is BLUE!
Penbo plays 5 games, tag, hide and seek, peek-a-boo, and mimic me.  She will also play and talk to her Bebe, rock the Bebe, and dance together.  She really is quite cute.  If you pet her on the head she will start purring, and if left alone, she will go to sleep.  And if you pat on her head, she does the Cha-Cha!  Hysterical!  She even gets sad if you don't play with her.  She has a little heart on her chest, that is infra-red, and allows her to interact with her Bebe(s).  The funniest part is watching her move around.  We were all giggling over this! Be sure you visit the website, and learn to speak Penguish. 

Bebe has 3 sensitive areas, one on her head, and one in each wing, that will bring about a different sound and response from mommy.  And there are also combinations of pushing the buttons that will also bring a response.  They can also play games together.  Peek-a-boo is funny!

We also received one extra Bebe ($9.99)!  This one is purple, and my daughter has already claimed it!  She loves purple!  It came with it's own egg, and will also interact with Penbo!

Any little girl, or boy would love Penbo and friends.  Looking for that last minute gift, not sure, check out Penbo and friends at iloveRobots.  Be sure to watch the videos, and leave a comment if you can telling me which one you like best!  Thanks neighbors!

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