Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Keepers of the Faith

 I wanted to share this in case anyone was interested.

Keepers of the Faith
Good Things for Your Family
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The Basket of Flowers is one of the best old reprints available today. We would put it right at the top with Stepping Heavenward. It is the story of a man who could have had a prosperous position in the king's court, but wisely chose, instead, to be a lowly gardener in order to avoid causing his relationship with God to endure the inevitable swarm of temptations that would accompany the more "noble" position. This is not to say that his life is henceforth free of trials, and his faith untested, but because of his career choice and quiet life, the trials or tests that he endures tend to raise him to a much higher walk, rather than his life being a continual struggle to simply avoid temptations. This man, James, loves the Lord and lives a life dedicated to God. Some very devastating trials come into his life, especially regarding his only living child, but his faith never fails. Because there are so many lessons to talk about in this book, it makes a great read-aloud book for the whole family. On a scale of one to ten, this one is a twenty! Old Reprint. This is a beautifully bound hardback edition.

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traci said...

I would love to read the book.