Saturday, December 10, 2011

K-NEX Steel Scorpion Roller Coaster Review

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Hey Neighbors!

I just have to share this K-NEX Roller Coaster .  As you know we have had company and they have some children who assisted my children with building the Steel Scorpion.  It took 4-5 hours.  They had so much fun!  Look through the pictures, and you will see the roller coaster slowly come together.  Then watch the video of the Steel Scorpion running!  It is fantastic!

Separating all the pieces.

Small pieces were placed in cups.

Starting with the instructions.

3 working, one directing.

All hands busy.


It is all coming together!

The frame is almost done.
Starting to attach the track.

Working both sides.

We lost a worker!

The guys finish with the track while she puts the chain together.

Almost there!

Attaching the chain!

Almost ready to try our first run!
Now, we started out with 5 workers and then went down to 4.  It took them 4-5 hours of steady work to finish the project.  They had alot of fun and teased each other as they worked.  The Steel Scorpion is recommended for ages 9+.  The K-NEX Steel Scorpion Roller Coaster is a great gift idea!  I would recommend this to my neighbors.  It is 3.14 feet tall, with two tracks and two cars.  It is motorized and as I stated has a speaker system so you can add music and sound effects.  The track pulls the two cars to the top, and then releases them as they race around the loops.  Love this!  You can find the K-NEX Steel Scorpion at Wal-Mart, Amazon, and other department stores that carry K-NEX.  Now, watch the video and see the finished product!

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