Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Invisble Shoes Review and Giveaway!

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Hi Neighbors!

How many of you are like me and love to go barefoot?  I try to wear shoes as little as possible.  My husband laughs because I shed my shoes at the front door, and usually wander barefoot in our yard.  A couple of the children are doing this also.  So, when I heard of Invisible Shoes I thought, why not!  I received a pair made for me, and a DIY kit.  My husband of course smirked when he saw them.  The actually "shoe", looks like a thin piece of tire tread, which you wear on your foot with laces.  And you can even choose the color of laces, so you can color co-ordinate with your outfit!
These are so comfortable!

Glad there is instruction on how to lace these!

I chose purple laces and pink laces.  They are actually quite comfortable.  I did have to get used to the laces, but it really was not uncomfortable, just not used to it.  They are very comfortable after walking in them.  Invisible Shoes are also called Huaraches, or Barefoot Running Sandals.  Now, I am not up to running yet, but they sure are nice for walking!  You need to send them a tracing of your foot to have a personalized pair, and there is a DIY kit.  The DIY kit comes with laces, a piece of outsole and two laces. You can do some trimming if necessary on the  the sole, and add your holes between the toes.  You then add your laces.  There are plenty of good videos on the Invisible Shoes website to show you how to accomplish this. You can even add beads, charms and pendants to your Invisible Shoes.

Invisible Shoes would make a great gift idea for the runner in your life.   Or perhaps for someone like me who loves to go barefoot, but just needs a little protection.  These are seriously comfortable to wear.  I can actually wander the yard now without worry of stepping on something, and yet still enjoy the barefoot feel!  Both durable and comfortable.

From Invisible Shoes:
"Our huaraches are made with either our exclusive FeelTrue™ rubber or 4mm Vibram Cherry sole material. The FeelTrue™ outsoles are the only rubber outsole made specifically for barefoot running sandals, and they come in either 4mm or 6mm thicknesses. So far nobody has outworn the soles of their Invisible Shoes. The 4mm FeelTrue™ Contact gives great protection, whether you’re running streets or trails, while also providing the most barefoot feel you can possibly get. The 6mm FeelTrue™ Connect adds a bit of extra protection for when you want a “smoother” ride.
We also make our huaraches with colorful polypropylene and nylon lace. They’re soft, strong, don’t stretch, are waterproof and, maybe best of all, look really cool. Plus, they keep your cost down."

Invisible Shoes will be sending the winner of this giveaway a custom pair of Invisible Shoes.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive two pairs of Invisible Shoes for review purposes.  All quotes are taken from the Invisible Shoes email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.


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a gift for me!
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I would keep these for myself


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I would give them to my daughter.

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These would be for me.

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for me!

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These would be good for me, since my current pair is getting old already..

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These would be great for me! I need the support, but I love sandals and flip flops

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I would enjoy these very much!
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these would be for my daughter - my feet insist on arch support

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I think I would keep these for myself

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I think I would keep them for myself!