Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gift Cards Make Great Gifts!

Hello Neighbors,

As you all know from previous posts I hate crowds.  So what better way to give gifts than to give a gift card.  I personally love to receive gift cards where I can shop the after holiday sale.  Gift cards also make great gifts for the hostess of any parties you attend.  You can always give the hostess a gift card for her favorite store or restaurant.  They are also perfect for couples with young children to give them a card with a gift card to a restaurant enclosed and a note that you will watch their children so they can go out on a date.  For gift exchanges you can give gift cards to unique bath and body shops, candy and bakery stores, or a special coffee shop.  For a unique gift you can bake them so cookies, buy a refillable coffee mug and give a gift card to the local coffee shop.  Another special way to give gift cards, if you are crafty, would be a gift card bouquet.  You could attach the gift cards to floral sticks and add ribbons, flowers, and leaves at your discretion.  You could do four or five five to ten dollar gift cards this way and give a gift they will remember.  Another idea for expectant parents would be gift cards to specialty baby stores.  College students and those who travel would certainly appreciate phone cards.  One year we wrapped a gift card in a small box, which we then put in a larger box, and then an even larger box, which we gift wrapped real pretty.  This would make a great way to give several gift cards in the small box and really surprise someone.

I personally like to receive gift cards for Bath and Body, my favorite restaurants like Longhorn, Coldstone, and just about any department store.  Gift cards give me the ability to purchase things in the scent I like, the right size needed, and cuts down on returns of gifts that don't fit. 

Neighbors, do you like to receive gift cards?  And if so why, and what unique ideas do you have for giving gift cards?  Be sure to leave a comment, let me know what you think, and share your ideas with our other neighbors here At the Fence. 

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