Monday, December 12, 2011

Get Lean While You Clean DVD Review and Giveaway

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Hey Neighbors!

Here is a really neat gift idea.  It is called Get Lean While You Clean, by the clean Momma.  This is an at home workout DVD that teaches you exercises you can do while you clean.  You do have to organize a little, and remember to do the exercises as you clean, but it is actually a pretty unique way to workout while you work.  The cover says "Master the art of ten Taskercising routines!"  She teaches you exercise routines and moves that you can use throughout your day while doing everyday chores, from folding laundry to doing dishes, to cleaning mirrors and windows.

Carolyn cLEANmomma Barnes tells you that there are three areas to your losing weight.  One is your exercise routine, next is your diet (changing your eating habits and eating better), and last but not least, it is a mindset.  Most of the exercises seem fairly easy to do, and she demonstrates each one for you.  You can also visit her website to download your own Boot Camp Guide, Meal Plan, Food Journal, and Exercise Log.

From her rag drag tip that you can incorporate while doing dishes or folding laundry, to the squats while putting away toys or loading the dishwasher, Carolyn has come up with a way for you to exercise while you clean!  Even wiping down counter tops becomes an exercise.  Remember, anything you add to your daily routine helps.  Start off slow if you need to, and then start adding other exercises.  And also be sure to include a good diet.  We need to make changes that stay with us, not just some fad we try out and then stop.  You don't need to purchase anything, other than the DVD, to use the Get Lean While You Clean DVD program.

Carolyn also has a website, that you can visit for more information.  And if you like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter, you will find hints, and encouragement to keep going!   Be sure to also visit the website for loads of information, video clips, and tips and hints for exercise and diet.  Carolyn also has private classes and lessons.  Sounds great!

Hey, and you can use this system to keep off those extra holiday pounds, or to loose them afterwards!  

Want to purchase one for a gift?  Stop by here.  And from 12/12-12/30 you can buy one get one free.   You can also find her on Facebook!

The winner of this giveaway will receive a Get Lean While You Clean DVD. 

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