Thursday, December 8, 2011

CAT Shipping Port Playset Review!

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Greetings neighbors!

Here is another CAT playset for boys ages 3+.  It is a CAT Shipping Port.  Real quick and easy to put together, it is an 18 piece playset.  There is a cargo boat (freighter), 2 trucks, a loading and unloading area, and two magnetic lifts for the cargo, to raise and lower cargo on and off the boat or trucks.  Also included are 2 smaller crates and 2 larger crates.  I am sure any little boy could enjoy hours of fun playing with this set.  It also has 3 sound buttons, that make port type noises, crew leaders, shouting, horns blowing, etc.  I already have an idea of whom I will be giving this to.

If you have a little boy that likes trucks, he will be sure to like this CAT Shipping Port playset.  Moms and grandmas be sure to take a peek at this set.

You can find the CAT Shipping Port on the Toy State website, Target, and on Amazon.  This is definitely a gift that would make any little tyke's day! 

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