Saturday, December 24, 2011

Blis Review and Giveaway

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Hello Neighbors!

We finished up re-arranging the Rooms we were working on yesterday and it looks really good!  We are trying to get everything organized and keep it that way.  Speaking of organizing I have a product that will help you do just that!  This amazing product is...  BLIS!  An online organizing system!  It is the...


Here is some information about BLIS... "We suspect we are a lot like you --- trying to meet the demands of information overload and having enough time for family, work and play.  We are sisters, wives, daughters, friends, working mothers, home-owners, grocery shoppers, cooks, taxi drivers to our kids, and most recently, co-founders of BLIS, the system which keeps us from losing our minds. "I remember a conversation Tricia and I had about how we felt we were living one day at a time and feeling totally disorganized. I had a long 'to do list' (which I had misplaced, but I knew it was long) and I knew I could have more time for family, and play, if I could just get a handle on all the 'home stuff'," recalls Tracy Coe, co-founder of BLIS. We found that our work-life was pretty organized, but we desired that same level of organization within our home-life. We knew we could have more time for fun, family, and friends, if we didn't spend so much time looking for important paperwork, remembering where the grocery list was or trying to find the plumber's phone number which was scribbled on a napkin...and now is nowhere. Running the house can feel like a full-time job. We desperately want a tool that would put all that important information in one place -- something that is savvy, easy to use, and mobile. Such was the birth of BLIS: Best Life Information System, a Comprehensive Home Management System."

This is a great product!  I can easily see how it would be a big help.  Especially in our family of eight!  Here are some pictures I took while testing Blis...

This is something I added the the calendar!

This is really neat!  It has Calendar, To Do and to Plan, Home, Health, Activities, My Choice (whatever you want!), and Address Book.  So helpful!  This would be great for my family because we are so large.

You can fill out a calendar, a to do list, shopping list, address book and many more!

In the Home section you can have information to keep track "of when you last changed the smoke detector batteries, which neighbors have your extra keys, and who borrowed your cordless drill. This section also allows you to list your home inventory, appliance warranty records, and financial accounts and contacts in one central location."  In the Health section you can document "the results of a routine doctor’s visit and saving it to the health history, uploading test results and reports instead of creating a new file in the filing cabinet, listing and printing questions for your next visit so you won’t forget when you’re there and keeping track of prescription information for refilling."

One Neighbor will receive a one year membership!  Wow!   Here is a little bit of info about what you will be receiving...

"• 1-year online Blis Membership

• Multi-User & Multi-Home functionality
• Attractive Design
You’ll wonder how you ever survived without your BLIS. BLIS allows you to access important household information remotely and conveniently. The easy to use program seamlessly guides you from initial input to daily use. BLIS is organized into 7 thoughtful sections: Calendar, To Do & To Plan, Home, Health, Activities, My Blis and Address Book."

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I like the Beary Special Twins Baby Gift Basket. Thanks!

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'Owl Love You Forever' Baby Gift Basket