Thursday, December 22, 2011

Backyard X-Scapes!

Hello Neighbors!

We have more snow!  It was snowing most of the day today.  The snowflakes were very big.  My little sister is so excited! 

We had alot of fun this afternoon (sort of:),  we totally rearranged our Dining Room and Living Room area and our Study!  It looks really nice now.  By changing things around it gives us more space and I personally think that it looks better this way.

Speaking of changes, I am not sure if you remember, but recently we put fencing around our backyard.   It looks really great! (As you can tell by our new background.)  I have also been looking at bamboo fencing for our front yard.  I think it would look nice.  I have been researching all the different types, colors, and styles.  They even have bamboo paneling.  I think I like the Natural look the best.  It looks so ... natural! :D 

What do you think?  Have you ever had  bamboo fencing or know somebody who does?  Leave your thoughts or comments and let us know.

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