Friday, December 2, 2011

Aerobie Review and Giveaway!

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Hi Neighbors!

Do you remember Aerobie?  The Flying Disc?  This is a really great gift idea.  My children LOVE them.  With all the company we have right now, the boys went out to play with our Aerobie.  I did warn them to watch for trees and to not aim for roofs.  This disc really flies!  We have had to pull it down off the roof of the garage.

One of the boys that was over tonight playing wants one!  He was hoping I had an extra Aerobie Pro Ring!  I know a gift his parents can get!

Aerobie has the Guiness Record of the farthest thrown object without any velocity aiding feature.  An amazing 1,333 feet, on July 14th 2003.  And I believe it! This is the Aerobie Pro Ring that is 13 in. in diameter.

How do you say our brand name? The debate rages. Some emphasize the "Air," others stress the "oh," and you may say it altogether differently. No matter what you call it, Aerobie represents extraordinary performance in sport toys.

One winner will receive an Aerobie Pro Ring .



Darlene said...

You could review Aerobie® Football

Tawnya said...

I like the Aerobie® Skylighter™
Lighted Disc!

Gregory Owen said...

The Aerobie Skylighter.

Patty White said...

The Aerobie Football Rocket

rubynreba said...

the megatop spinning top said...

The skylighter looks really cool. [=