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Zylie the Bear Review and Giveaway!

Gift Guide Post #

Hey Neighbors!

Do I have a really cute gift idea for you!  You all know how much I like bears, well I would like all of you to meet Zylie.  Zylie is 18" tall, and is wearing jeans, a really cute top, and a white jacket and is twelve years old.  Her top is red with white flowers with blue centers.  Her white jacket has an orange silky feeling lining.  She carries an over the shoulder, orange purse that holds, her diary, map and all important passport.  Also included is her first book, The Adventures of Zylie the Bear: New York.  You see, Zylie likes to travel!  She travels the world in her books, on adventures that your children will enjoy.
This is the box she comes in.


Zylie also has other outfits available for purchase, because everyone knows a well-traveled bear could not complete her adventures with just one outfit.  I am sure my daughter would love the Chinese outfit "On the Silk Road".  It is inspired by traditional Chinese fashions, and is embroidered with fine detailing.  The dress comes with a white puffy-sleeved blouse and another China stamp for her passport.  The extra outfits are approx. $20 each.
Zylie is ready for an adventure!

Her cute face!
Zylie is jointed at the hips, shoulder and neck, so you can do some posing.  Maybe your child could take her on an adventure of her own and write a small story about it.  I am thinking of giving her to my 11 year old, the one who would love the Chinese outfit, so most of my pictures will be very discreetly taken. 

Purse, Passport, map, and diary.
Zylie does have a friend, a Panda named Shen.  He comes in Khaki pants, a green t-shirt, and a leather jacket.  His backpack carries his passport and drumsticks.  Zylie meets him in China.  You can read about it in the second book, The Adventures of Zylie the Bear: China.

Zylie with her purse, passport, map, and diary.

Zylie's Passport.

The first book is The Adventures of Zylie the Bear: New York.  Zylie has a brother Theo, but aparently he is not available for purchase.  In this book you learn about Zylie, where she lives and a little bit about New York City.  There is also an upcoming adventure, not yet available, that takes place in Australia.  Zylie sure does travel!
Zylie's map.

Zylie checking her map.
Her is how Zylie came about:

"Zylie is the toy I wish I could have had for my daughter when she was young. Sarah only liked playing with stuffed animals, but would see her sister Kate’s doll clothes and want to dress up her teddy bear. So she’d stuff the bear into the doll clothes, and it all ended up looking ridiculous. I wondered then why there wasn’t a toy that was cuddly like a teddy bear, but could be dressed and played with like a doll.
And from that idea Zylie was born. My son Matt and I have gone about creating a world of fun and adventure around Zylie, with a series of fun children’s books that follow Zylie on her global travels, several fashionable new outfits for the bears, new friends like Shen the Panda, and most importantly, a strong role model for kids in the characters we create.
I hope that we have created the best possible play experience for the child in your life, but that process is never quite finished. With your help, we will always be improving our products, and we encourage you to reach out and lend a hand. Email your suggestions to Its been quite a journey so far, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us down the road!"

First book.

Zylie and her book.

To stay up to date on what is happening with Ztlie the Bear and her friends, you might just want to "like" them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.  And if it just so happens, as is my case, that there is not a store around you where you can purchase Zylie, you can order her, Shen, outfits and books, all online at the shop. Zylie and Shen are $49.99 ea.  As stated previously, extra outfits are $20 ea., and the books are $4.99.

This is a gift that just about any child would love.  A cuddly stuffed bear, that you can dress and have adventures with.  And they even have books written about them!  I have a feeling Zylie would be a GREAT gift idea.

The winner of this giveaway will receive their choice of either Zylie or Shen.
Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive Zylie the Bear.  All quotes are taken from the Adventures of Zylie website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.


scottsgal said…
I'd pick Shen - they're both cute. My niece would lovet his!
msboatgal at
Darlene said…
I would choose Zylie, he is so cute.
Steph said…
If I won I would pick Shen for my daughter.
Gerri said…
I would choose Zylie because she reminds me of my daughter the way she dresses.

debijackson said…
zylie he's so cute debbie jackson
Kimberly said…
Love them both but probably Shen
Anonymous said…
Zilie. :)
dorcontest at gmail dot com
Coolestmommy said…
I would probably get Shen because my daughter loves panda bears...but I do love Zylie, too.

coolestmommy2000 at gmail dot com
I would pick Zylie for my daughter.

Snowflake Day Play at gmail dot com
tannawings said…
I would choose Zylie!
My niece would love Zylie!
Angie Bailey said…
I'd lvoe Zylie. - Angie B.
rubynreba said…
I would pick Zylie but they are both adorable!
Anonymous said…
Leah likes Zylie. She is cute!
Patty White said…
They are both so cute!! But i think I would pick Zylie for my little girl.
Anonymous said…
I would like Shen
Niecey said…
I would pick Zylie
Tabathia B said…
tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com
I like Zylie best

Thank you for hosting this giveaway

pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

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