Friday, November 11, 2011

What Scents Do You Love and Where Do They Take You?

Hi Neighbors!

Are there certain scents from nature that just take you to a certain time or place in your memory?  You know, what I am talking about.  When you smell a certain flower, does it remind you of the first time you received flowers from your spouse?  I can remember the first time he bought me a dozen roses.! One of our first anniversaries!  They were gorgeous!   He also knows I love carnations, which he thinks is great, because they cost less!  He has given me carnations on almost every birthday and anniversary. 

And I know the scent of pine usually brings everyone to the holidays, but I think of our camping trips as a family. Hiking through the woods, sitting a round a campfire, playing games and telling stories, and of course sleeping in a tent at night.  I don't do well tenting now, but I can remember laying there smelling the fresh pine scented air, listening to the wind whisper through the branches and feeling a deep sense of satisfaction with life. 

I also enjoy the fresh scent of wildflowers, because when I was young I used to ride my horse through meadows in the spring.  I don't ride anymore, but I sure enjoyed it then.  We also had a freedom then, that children don't enjoy today.  We would pack a bag lunch, and take off for the day and not return until dark, and our parents never had to worry, and we didn't have a cell phone for them to call us.  They just knew we were fine and would return.

Another scent I love that brings back really great memories is the scent of the Ocean breeze.  This also relates to camping, because we would go camping and get up early each morning to stroll along the beach and gather shells and sand dollars.  We even found a seahorse and a sharks tooth!  That smell carries me back to one of those mornings!  I loved it!  We often would bring snacks down and eat breakfast on the beach, leaving before it got too crowded.  We always went during the fall when the weather was just a little cooler.  Many times we saw dolphins leaping in the distance, and once we were not far from a military base, and saw the sub go out in the morning.  The boys loved that!

What smells from nature have fond memories for you?  Leave a comment and share with your neighbors the scents that you love!

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Patty White said...

I love the smell of leaves. You know the ones that have fallen and have to be raked. Reminds me of when I was little and my sisters and I would have to rake them, but we would make 1 big pile and jump into it over and over again. It would keep us busy the whole day. lol