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Tommee Tippee Dining Set Review and Giveaway!

Gift Guide Post #

Hey neighbors!

Getting back into the mode here.  We will probably be doing 2-3 reviews or review/giveaways each day for the next few days, other than Sunday, so make sure you keep checking in.  You never know what will be next!

Now, I get to share with you some products from Tommee Tippee.  This is a really great set!  First I have the explora weaning bowls (set of 4).  They are the perfect size for 6 months and up your little ones start eating.  My set is blue and green, 2 of each.  I love the handle edge for easy holding, so convenient.  The bowls are 11 fl. oz.  And they work great with my next item!  Keep reading! ($5.49)

Next is the explora easi-mat. (4 month +)  The easi-mat, non-slip, easy grip mat sticks to most flat surfaces and holds bowls and plates in place with a suction cup.  It has an easy release tab for removal.  Ideal for travel, just roll it up, stick it in the diaper bag and off you go.  Lay it on the table and then attach the bowl to the suction cup.  Yes, it is hard to separate unless you know to use the tab.  Keeps babies from spilling their food all over! Perfect!  ($6.99)

Then I have the explora 8 feeding spoons.(9 month +)  They have easi-grip handles for little hands.  Another great feature is the soft tip for tender gums.  How many times have you caught a little one's gums with a metal spoon?  Nice deep spoon for holding food.  ($4.99)

Last of all are the explora truly spill-proof sippy cup.  (9 month +) These come 2 to a pack.  These cups are 11 fl. oz. and are considered a stage 2 cup.  The soft flex spot protects gums.  I also like the hygiene cap.  ($7.99)

Each of the items I received from Tommee Tippee are BPA free.  They are also dishwasher and microwave safe.  You can find Tommee Tippee products at Toys R Us.
Hannah was the one chosen to help me review these!

Trying to pull the bowl off the mat!
Using her new cup!  She calls it her special cup. 

Tommee Tippee has many of your baby needs when it comes to nursing and feeding.  From breast pumps to cups and bowls, along with pacifiers and teethers.  They even have a couple of  monitors available.  Any of the Tommee Tippee products would make a great gift idea.  Both for young children and/or expectant mothers.  Tommee Tippee is a quality product.  I am happy to recommend Tommee Tippee to my neighbors At the Fence!

The winner of this giveaway will be receiving a set from Tommee Tippee, just like mine.


Darlene said…
I really like the sippy cups, its nice that you don't have to worry about spills.
rubynreba said…
I like the sippy cups too.
karenmed409 said…
I like texplora truly spill proof sippy cup in blue/aqua
Anonymous said…
I like the sippy cups
Janet W. said…
We really like their Explora Feeding Spoons the best!
Danielle K said…
I like the Explore Sippy Cups best

danielleaknapp at gmail dot com
Colleen Maurina said…
I like their sippy cups and their BPA Free Section Plates.

colljerr at comcast dot net
Katrina said…
love the sippy cups and pacifiers!
ykatrina at hotmail dot com
Brandi Elam said…
I like their Closer to Nature bottles
Anja M. said…
I like the First Cup - Lil Sippee.

anjathisandthat at yahoo dot com
Patty White said…
I like the Easi-Roll Bibs!!
Tammy D said…
I like the sippy cups!
dalleykt at live dot ca
Emillie Rose said…
I like the Tommee Tippee Explora Easi-Roll Bibs
hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

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