Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sallie's Jams Review

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Grand Gift Guide At the Fence Review Post #58

Hello Neighbors!

What a lovely day to be out At the Fence today.  We have had some really great companies participating in our Grand Gift Guide and we have many more so be sure to stay on the watch.  Next up is Sallie's Jams. 

Here is a little information about Sallie's Jams... " In 2004, I returned to my roots and found myself living in the middle of a huge field with a garden-loving husband in my hometown of Cameron, SC, where farming is a mainstay. One perk of my time in corporate America was an expense account which afforded me the opportunity to experience fine dining across the country, cultivating my knowledge of unique food and flavor combinations. This interest in flavor pairings combined with my creative nature, and life in the field, led to the creation of Sallie's Greatest.
Thanks to my partnership with local farmers, my specialty line of herbal fruit jams is made with the freshest produce possible, straight from the field to the jar! We're also developing a cookbook to give cooks—on all levels—the tools needed to turn an everyday meal into an extraordinary dining experience with the simple twist of a lid.
For years, my friends and family have raved over my creations. I feel that it's just plain selfish to keep this secret in my inner circle and being selfish isn't being Southern!"

This Jam is really good.  I made my Dad some Toast the other day and let him use my Strawberry Basil Jam.  He loved it!  My brother managed to sneak a bite and he said it was really good.    Here are some pictures of my Jam I received...

Getting ready to put the Jam on my Dad's toast.
This is what it looks like.

Here it is!

This would be a great gift.  Make sure you check out the Sallie's Jams website and Like them on Facebook to stay up with the latest news.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive two jars of jam for review purposes.  All quotes are taken from the Sallie's Jams website.  All thoughts and opinions are mine. 

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