Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Premier Tug-a-jug Review and Giveaway

Gift Guide Post #30

Hi neighbors!

Every good Gift Guide will include something for your pets, and we have Premier's Tug-a-jug treat dispenser in two sizes, plus buddy-berries and buddy-ohs.  These are treats for the dispensers.  I like this treat dispenser, because the dog can see, hear and smell the treats, but has to work to get them out.  Tug-a-jug is a purple plastic bottle, with a knobby rubber top, along with a rope tug inserted in the top of the jug, with one knotted end hanging out.  The bottom of the jug has tiny holes, so your dog can smell the treats that you place inside.  The bottom unscrews, for easy placement of treats.  Make sure your treats will be able to fall out through the top.  You don't want to defeat your dog, you just want him to work to receive the reward.  As your dog begins to understand how to get the treats, you can also add balls or other objects to hinder the treats falling out so they have to work a little harder.  You can also play tug, or hide and seek with the Tug-a-jug.  The rope extending out the top can be used for your dog to retrieve the toy and play fetch.  What alot of options there are with the Premier Tug-a-jug.

We experimented with Webster and Lady Grace.  It took them awhile to figure out how to get treats out.  At first, they just kept nosing the jug and watching it roll.  Webster finally decided to paw at it a couple of times and his first treat fell out.  Lady Grace was not far behind when she saw him eating a treat.  They both like the Buddy treats.

I enjoy Premier Pet toys, especially the Busy Buddy line, because they are designed to keep your dog... BUSY!  When they have something like the Tug-a-jug to play with, it keeps them from getting into other things that they shouldn't be playing with.  We have a couple of the Premier Pet toys, and they are all well made.  They don't fall apart, nor are they easily chewed.

The Tug-a-jug line starts at $11 and goes to $21.  The Busy-Buddy treats are $5.  You can find Premier products at a local store, by using their search, or you can purchase their products online at their store.  Premier will be sending the winner of this giveaway a Tug-a-jug in your choice of size.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive Tug-a-jug Treat Dispensers and treats.  All quotes are from the Premier website.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.


Darlene said...

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Angie Bailey said...

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