Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Paintball Gear!

Hi Neighbors,

Great to see all my neighbors out visiting today.  It is a great day for visiting online!  I love the weather (except that it rained last night so the ground is all muddy).  Anyway my sister and I have been planning what gifts we are going to give to our family and we were trying to decide what gift would be the best for my brothers. They are so hard to shop for! I was looking around while I had some free time and found some paintball gear online.  Then I started thinking what a great gift that would be!  You know, a whole set of paintball equipment - paintball guns, paintball masks, and other paintball gear.  I know my brothers would love it!  We have some friends that play all the time and my brothers have joined in before (using someone else's gear of course) and they really enjoyed it!  I am sure I could find some at a pretty good price.  Do you know anybody that does paintball? 

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