Friday, November 4, 2011

Nose to Tail Etsy Shop Review and Giveaway

Gift Guide Post # 22

Hello Neighbors!

I am so enjoying doing the Gift Guide this year.  I hope all of you are enjoying the products and services that are being reviewed.  This next item is from an Etsy Shop.  I have to say that I believe this is a unique item that would make a fantastic gift..  The owner of Nose to Tail, Karen makes miniature felted animals. They are adorable!  She did a Sheltie for us! I am sure some of my neighbors are aware that we have 2 Shelties now.  Anyway, I looked through Karen's Etsy shop and her work is so detailed.  She works with Alpaca wool, Merino wool roving.   This is wool that has not yet been spun into yarn. Occasionally she adds Angora rabbit hair.  Karen has been doing this about 2 years, and said that her niece and nephew (who denies all charges) actually showed her how to needle felt.  Most of her miniatures are in the $25 price range.

She started out modeling her creations after her own pet bunnies, and the bear cubs, llamas and prairie dogs are from the Olympic Game farm in Washington State.  She has used pictures off the internet for ideas and she has a Facebook page where people post cute pictures of their animals which gives her another source of information.  So if you think your pet would make a good model for one of her felted miniatures be sure to visit and post a picture.  Maybe your pet will be her next creation!  She also runs some contests of her own there!

I asked if she has ever done birds, because one of my daughters loves birds!  She has done an African Grey for her cousin, along with penguins and owls.  I would love to see a penguin!  Most of her Nose to Tail felted miniatures take a few hours to make.

She is presently working on a tiny mountain goat, using some actual mountain goat hair she found hiking a trail.  She did explain that she washed it before working with the hair. I think that is really neat idea.

Karen did tell me that this is a reasonably easy craft to learn.  She is going to post some "How to Videos" on YouTube soon.  I would be interested in seeing those.  There is also a DIY Pug felting kit available in her Nose to Tail Etsy shop.  The only warning she issued was be careful of poking yourself with the sharp needle.

Karen's Nose to Tail creations would make a great gift idea, for someone who has a dog, cat, bird, or rabbit.  It would also be a way to remember a past family pet. My miniature Sheltie will be displayed on my shelf with my blown glass.   So be sure to visit Karen's Etsy shop Nose to Tail and see some of the pieces she has available.  And if you place an order, tell her you heard about her from your neighbor At the Fence. 

Now Karen is going to create a Miniature Felted Animal for the winner of this giveaway.  All you will need to do, is send her a picture of your pet, or if that is not possible tell her what breed your pet is.  I am sure you can include colors.   


DEBIJOT said...

A white Scottie dog

Darlene said...

That would be a black lab

Karla S said...

I would have a beagle done! We had a beagle for 12 years,and he died last year.:(
ksceviour at hotmail dot com

debijackson said...

a coon hound debbie jackson

Kimberly said...

A Chocolate Lab

mean green mom said...

A white boston terrier- my daughter would be thrilled to have a little buddy to match her dog :)

Missy L said...

I'd like a maltese dog one i think.

Annette said...

I would have a cat made.

CathyH said...

This is wonderful!! I love the teddy bear santa!!

Emily Reviews said...

I'd have a border collie made

littleheathen9109 @ yah00 d0t c0m