Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Husband Prefers Shaving Cream!

Hey Neighbors!

I have considered purchasing some shaving supplies for my husband as a gift.  Presently he seems to prefer shaving cream over shaving soap.  He has a beard and mustache, and he keeps them neatly trimmed, but he still has to shave some of his throat area, a few stray hairs on his cheeks, and then after a haircut, I have to shave the back of  his neck.  He really does not care for electric razors at all, but I thought about buying him one of those really nice shaving mugs, with soap and a brush for application!  He has to use a moisturizing shaving cream now, so I would probably have to find a really good quality shaving soap with moisturizers. 

I would also like to get a really good razor for him.  Something he could have for years!  Sometimes with traveling he uses a disposable razor, but if I could find a really nice one and put together a shaving kit for him I am sure he would use it and take it with him on trips. Do any of my neighbors here At the Fence have any good ones to recommend.  I want the kit to be compact, yet carry everything he needs, from razor to a moisturizing after shave, perhaps also a small pair of scissors for trimming his beard.  I think it would make a really great gift idea.  Especially if it all fit in a nice carrying case.  I will keep searching and if any of you have any advice feel free to leave a comment.  Thanks!

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