Sunday, November 13, 2011


Hello Neighbors!

I loved the weather yesterday!  It was so cool the whole day!  My sisters have to walk up to the post office each day to get mail because our Post Office doesn't deliver house to house here (it is about two blocks away).  Not bad in good weather, but when it is raining or snowing, no one wants to walk up.  On those days they wish that the Post Office delivered!  It would be so much easier, and cut down on the confusion when we order things. Then all they would have to walk is out to the mailbox. :D Of course I like the custom painted mailboxes.  I have seen several recently and I think some are really pretty!  You know with flowers, birds, lighthouses, or some other animal. I also really like wooden mailboxes.  The cedar ones are my favorite.  Do you have a custom mailbox?  What design is on your mailbox?

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